Zerg is really really bad, and is in desperat need of a buff

Diamond zerg here. I been playing alot recently and ive noticed that zerg is actually garbage right now. Compared to the other 2 races, zerg cant even hold up a decent fight. Ive played countless matches where ive been up in upgrades, up in supply yet my entire army dies instantly. Against terrain bio I usualy go lurker, ling bane muta. And i may not have the best control, but neither does my opponent. I be up in upgrades yet my stuff still dies instanly. for example one match i was 3-3 and my oppenent 0-1 yet my lings and banes seem to instantly die while my lurkers can just be out ranged. Against toss my units get obliterated by everything it has. Even if i scout what they are doing and do the correct messures to counter it, i still lose. Zerg against terrain mech is a joke. Terrain can just sit back behind 5 seige tanks and build a unbeatable army. And zerg cant do anything, broot lords are garbage against mass thor hellbat because they get outranged, you cant have ling roach support due to the 30 seige tanks backing the thors up. Zerg can only really play against another zerg.

EDIT: I take back what i said against bio, due to the fact that i wasnt tecking up and i wasnt using my fungles properly, I do still think protoss has a huge advantage over zerg and that terrain mech is op for no reason. Although mass infester seems to do the trick, still tho. buff zerg

Oh mass repair that can heal 500 damage per second is fine.

Thor that counters 90% Zerg units, you got lings np blinding cloud grab but none of this is real counter.

Then got liberator that stop at ramps but can counter corrupters.

Bc that takes 4 corrupters to counter them which means at certain number there is no counter.

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Submit your best replay to Harstem’s IODIS. Maybe show how toss is IMBA?


First of all. Thors are not the best terran unit in the game. Infestor roach ravager vipers ultras, all of those units do great against them 2nd of all if someone is massing sky then you simply get vipers for para bombs. Zerg’s not bad it’s just you don’t know how to play the game.

lol Zerg doesn’t need a buff. Do you ever watch the pro scene? Notice how most of the wins are Zerg/Terran? Protoss is so weak right now they’re the race needing the buff. Vipers counter practically every protoss unit in the game. Which clearly you’ve never heard of. And if you’re fighting into battery cannon then you should be losing that fight. It’d be like walking into lurkers and complaining about losing vs lurkers. Which btw are the most OP unit in this game.

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I love the IODIS episodes where someone says lurkers are imba lining up all his bio for the lurkers and not scanning.

P.S. Lurkers actually aren’t OP, it’s just that most below diamond don’t know how to play against them. For terran, repeated double-drops & ghosts highlights how weak mass lurker is.

Edit: StarCraft II ALL UNITS Tierlist with SCARLETT, Lambo and Harstem - YouTube
Vs Protoss: “A unit that needs to burrow to shoot your ground units while you have carriers already”

Yes I can agree however try to viper grab the medevacs/Thor’s to either your lurkers or corrupters. Maybe brood lords for bio???

I think Hydras beat Thors. But you need something in front of them to stop the hellbats that usually come with the thors.

I do agree though that if you are not expecting Thors from the Terran and notice them too late, they are VERY difficult to deal with.

Either way, the main issue with Zerg is they require some pretty high APM with good unit control to be “great”. This is why the Pro’s do well with Zerg and people struggle in lower leagues. Most players just want to make a army and a-move and never micro. Zerg REQUIRE you to micro and position well and be able to use their casters properly.

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Thanks for the laughs, that was great!

Check out this casting of someone who knows how to play Zerg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLK7pbFDz7o

lurkers are op. maybe not vs terran. but vs protoss they most definitely are. I main toss and off race vs zerg and even playing at above diamond league zerg, vs above diamond protosses, even if you get behind you get to lurkers and you just win.

Watch streamers and don’t like their videos.

Let me explain. In most of my games I play, learning the cheese strats is a good way to improve. A lot of streamers constantly stream these “Cheesy” Builds. Lots of copy cats out there.

You have no idea how many people I’ve face who would do this “well” executed timing build, that can be difficult to hold if you are not prepared, to end up completely countering what they are doing and have them fall apart. I know it’s coming because I’ve seen it so many times.

There are a lot of powerful T/P builds that I can see being a problem for some Zergs if they are not used to holding against it.

Scout. Watch your own replays. You will improve. Don’t think about winning. Focus on Improving.