Zerg and Protoss are literally easy races- PROOF with stats

This is stats pulled from SC2 distribution. Don’t look at the % vs other races column because that’s unfair. Terran has the highest number of players. You have to compare how these ranks are distributed amongst each individual race which you can see in the second table.

Plat / Diamond has lowest % of Terran players amongst themselves cause it’s an extremely hard race to play where as P and Z has highest % of players in that base.
Subsequently Terran has high % in lower ranks such as bronze, gold and silver cause its harder to grasp and therefore rank up which is contrary to other races where they in fact do rank up

Zerg % vs other races Protoss % vs other races Terran % vs other races
Grandmaster 147 26.30% 210 37.57% 182 32.56%
Master 2576 27.45% 3074 32.76% 3158 33.65%
Diamond 16564 30.54% 15413 28.42% 16887 31.14%
Platinum 14575 29.88% 13915 28.53% 15366 31.51%
Gold 12904 25.05% 15373 29.85% 18723 36.35%
Silver 9377 20.56% 13502 29.60% 19344 42.41%
Bronze 2434 20.27% 3228 26.89% 5493 45.76%
Total 58577 64715 79153
Zerg % amongst own race Protoss % amongst own race Terran % amongst own race
Grandmaster 147 0.25% 210 0.32% 182 0.23%
Master 2576 4.40% 3074 4.75% 3158 3.99%
Diamond 16564 28.28% 15413 23.82% 16887 21.33%
Platinum 14575 24.88% 13915 21.50% 15366 19.41%
Gold 12904 22.03% 15373 23.75% 18723 23.65%
Silver 9377 16.01% 13502 20.86% 19344 24.44%
Bronze 2434 4.16% 3228 4.99% 5493 6.94%
Total 58577 64715 79153
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Z and P is easy race - break down with stats - General Discussion - SC2 Forums (blizzard.com)
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Looks like z players are the best common in gm bud good try tho

What are you even saying ? are you braindead?

Quite possible in fact yes

I was joking my guy … Sheesh

Thanks - yep stats confirm what we all know from our game experience - Terran is the hardest/weakest race unless & until you get to the highest tiers of GM-level play.

The reason is that it is much harder to get the most out of what the Terran race has to offer because both the macro & micro are harder and less forgiving. You need very high levels of APM to neutralize these disadvantages. They do neutralize at the higher levels and Terran units have a lot of micro potential, but unfortunately only the pros can snipe banes etc and pick up, dodge disruptor hits etc. Mere mortals take it on the chin, and if you do, terran is weak. And the game is balanced for GM level play, not gold/plat play.

On the macro side, you have a lot of APM burden the other races don’t have. You have to rally multiple workers back and forth for construction (and take them away from mining), drop mules consistently, build and switch add ons, which is expensive and slow. You also can’t accumulate larva and build a million units at once like zerg can. You have to build all your production, which is costly and slow, unlike zerg, and that also restricts which units you can build and in what number. You can’t warp in gateway units instantly, anywhere u have a pilon, like toss can. As long as zerg injects or builds macro hatcheries, if they don’t produce for a while, they can then make 30 units at once. With Terran u always have to be producing & can’t afford to ever slip up. Toss can chrono units, workers, or upgrades they forget to build or need. Toss also doesn’t have to worry about rally points for gateway units.

On the micro side, terran units are cost efficient and have a lot of micro potential, but they are brittle and easy to lose. You can’t A click terran armies in the way you can with toss armies and ling/bane/hydra/ultra style zerg. It is much harder to micro bio against zealots, disruptors and banelings than it is to deal a lot of damage A clicking. So high levels of skill are needed merely get you to a level on par with an A clicking opponent, the latter of which anyone can learn quickly.

Terran also has the hardest and most expensive scouting. Toss can get free scouting with sentry hallucinations, zerg with overseers. Late game whene Terran has a lot of scans its easy, but in the early-mid game where it matters more, terran scouting is harder and more expensive (you can’t afford scans). Reapers are expensive, require careful micro and are unreliable.

And yet scouting is also the most important for Terran due to its vulnerability in the early game, because Terran has very weak early game units & production - particularly vs toss, & also early roach pressure/baneling pressure from zerg.

So terran has the burden of scouting well early game, which is expensive and APM intensive, optimizing more complex macro, building the right units and macroing well to defend early game aggression, and then microing much better throughout the game to avoid taking big hits that kill you. Terran can avoid taking damage by turtling up and survive for a while, but you then ultimately lose the game as your econ is too weak and your opponents can kill you with carriers/brood lords if you do.

So year, it is imba for lower level players for sure. It takes a lot of skill merely to not die & offset the natural advantages the other races have.

This 100% you told it just right on the disadvantages
Terran is always playing catch up. People want to play it up like it’s Chess / Rock paper scissor at ranks below Masters 2 but it’s not even close at all

Below Masters 2 all the other races can deathball and win . As you simply put, terran won’t win unless we micro and harass efficiently which is only done well by the top players. Terran mistakes are less forgiving

Zerg can’t death ball lol.

Problem with your stats doesn’t give into count.

Say A is lot easier then B at beginning lvl b has play a lot harder to beat A. Longer this goes on stats would show b as easier then A is.

Why is that well B trained harder then A and A easy win to point where there tactics of winning no longer works.

A created bad habit to beat b but once b learned against A it take a lot longer to untrain bad habbits to beat b again.

A is easier race which force b work harder to be better.

Thats what stats tells me because look at unit composition Zerg has no army comp that Terran can’t hard counter.

I find how Terran has unblock able scout I never seen pro game or reg game were Terran didn’t use scan after scan still have equal or better economy then Zerg.