You need to fix the MMR problem on NA/EU for 2s

Not sure why this is still a problem, but you need to calibrate the MMR ranges for the player base, kinda like how you do it 1v1.

There’s no reason to keep Master tier 1 MMR at 4.8K or whatever it is at the moment, because quite literally no one is playing at that MMR.

Much like KOREA, the system drops based on the player base, so consider doing the same for NA and EU.


the masters in 2v2 are fake masters, its a bug. yes they do need to adjust the mmr tho. To get out of bronze league you need 3000 mmr, even tho silver and gold league are both below the bronze league mmr. Its actually getting people stuck in bronze, and leaving the league and replacing doesnt help on 2v2. 95% of the games is bronze leaguer noobs mixed with unranked players and fake master borders noobs mixed with diamond league players stuck in the proverbial hell of bronze league.

So your saying all those masters that pwn me are just high diamonds playing in the wrong league?

there not even diamonds. the newly ranked players getting a free masters boarder. most of them the mmr is in the 1k mark. To be honest i dont think there is a single real masters in 2v2