You can replay WOL missions with any unit and all upgrades!

Ever wanted to play “Zero Hour” with siege tanks? Or “The Evacuation” with hellions? Or play any mission with the units and upgrades you can only purchase or earn afterwards? Well NOW YOU CAN!

Simply follow these steps to use all units and upgrade for any mission. Keep in mind that using any cheat codes will prevent Achievements from being earned until a new campaign is started.

  1. Start a new WOL campaign on any difficulty.

  2. On the first mission press enter and input the cheat code “LeaveYourSleep” and press enter again.

  3. You will be taken to a screen where you can choose which missions you have completed. Select all missions up to Gates of Hell and hit OK. (Preference of Ghost or Haven mission does not matter.)

  4. You will be taken to the Hyperion where all the missions you have selected are completed and the next new mission is Gates of Hell.

  5. If you want any or all the Armory and Research upgrades, or Mercenaries, use the code “whysoserious” for 5 million credits, and “horadriccube” to unlock all research in the laboratory. Buy whatever upgrades, research, or mercenaries you want.

  6. Go to the mission archives and choose a mission and PRESTO! You will now be able to use any unit or upgrade you have unlocked or purchased for any mission!!!

I hope this is helpful,


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Aww, I thought the whole point of a topic being made was a method allowing to get around that.

You can use WeMod to help get achievements. :wink:

I’ve brought the campaign forum back to life for crappy topics and poor selfish reasons, over the past 2 years.

But we need to have some higher standards before we decide to do CPR on these campaign forums going forward. We need to think about the quality of life we are giving our patient .

The general forum section is alive and well, mostly do to balance complaints.

EDIT: I re-read this post and realize it’s not just about a Master Archives-style selection, but also literally impossible combos… so, obviously what I talk about below can’t help you with that. But it is a literal (if unofficial) Master Archives for Wings of Liberty

Folks, if you really want to be able to do this without having to enter cheat codes and thus disable achievements… you know someone put together a homemade “Wings of Liberty Master Archives” already, right? Just do a google search for “Wings of Liberty Master Archives reddit” and the download link is literally there on an archived thread…

It’s as simple as putting the downloaded saves in the correct folder. I tried it myself: it works perfectly, and I now have a homemade/unofficial set of Wings of Liberty Master Archives in the StarCraft II campaign saves on my computer…

No cheat codes necessary. The guy who made them - bless his soul - even did a Spectre version of the saved game vs. a Ghost version of the saved game for every mission that can possibly be done after the Covert/Tosh missions are completed… it’s awesome.

I have a hard time believing the savegames would not be rejected as too old, or would be rejected as belonging to another account, or another thing.

It works perfectly. :slight_smile: Give it a try and see for yourself if you don’t believe me (although I have used the saved games myself as recently as late 2020 and I am telling you, it works).

1 - Being from another account doesn’t affect anything. If they’re SCII campaign saved games and are in the property directory/folder, the game doesn’t know or care.

2 - Too old would be an issue if this person had made the saved games during a mission (say, at the very end of the previous one) - loading a saved game from a previous patch version of a SCII campaign causes the game to ask you to either (a) restart the mission, or (b) be okay with playing offline until you finish the mission.

Fortunately, I found that because this dude’s saved games were from the Hyperion between missions, patch version doesn’t matter. When you start the next mission (assuming you’re online), it starts that mission according to the latest patch. That’s why it works. I actually worried about the saves being from an old version, too, but that’s how this little collection gets around it.

Dunno if I’m allowed to post a direct link here? But if you google “Wings of Liberty Master Archives reddit,” you’ll find it. I checked to make sure it was still easily googlable before replying yesterday.