Worker counter of minerals, has anyone figured it?


I recently gave up on my attempts to get the worker counter on minerals.
The function Current Harvester Count / UnitCurrentWorkerCount work on refineries, but always return 0 on minerals.
I was wondering if anyone figured a way to use the already calculated value.

I know it would be possible to reinvent the wheel and recreate a system to recalculate it, but I wish there was a way to reuse an existing value instead.
Yet all my attempt at getting the value or the text featuring it (in case it could be extracted) or other methods failed.

So if you know a way to access that value, I would be interested in hearing about that.

Also, it look like the author of the UnitCurrentWorkerCount died while writing it, since the parameter name seems to come from headbutting the keyboard, and other parameters name are not like that.