WOL The Evacuation - can i stop APC somehow?

Hi guys. I was wondering is there any way (even if cheating) to stop APC from moving? I really like that mission but i hate time limit. Maybe some bug or cheating can stop APC? Any advice? Thanks.

If it’s just to play it for fun, you could edit the map in the map editor to find ways to get it to stop.
But not if played in the normal campaign.

You can slow it down at the egress point, by placing larger units (firebat, goliath, marauder) in front of it, and forcing it to go to the side, toward the fence. Get enough units in front of it, and it really has a hard time going through or around them all.

Place units (the more - the better) on the road in front of it and hold position (H). When it starts breaking through move ahead a bit and hold position again. It won’t stop the vehicle forever, but you can win significant amount of time with this move.

Close the ARC using tanks in siege mode.