Windowed mode bugged with 5.0 patch

Patch 5.0 broke the Confine Mouse Cursor functionality. I have it set to Off. However, when toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode (using command-M), the mouse becomes confined to the SC2 window, despite the preference not having changed (it still states Off). This was working properly before the most recent patch.

I am running 10.14.6 (Mojave).
Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro K5000 4 GB.
SC2 Render API: Metal.

Hey, Rheniite! If you set the Confine Cursor option to Smart does the same thing happen? I checked around to see if our team may be aware of the issue, but it doesn’t look like they’re aware of this specific issue.

It would also be good to report this over to the #bug-report forums so this gets into the folks who can look into this further. The developers may not check the technical support forums since these forums are managed by the Technical Support team.

Thanks for the reply, @Caterpepi. I tried the Smart setting, but it resulted in the same situation as Off.
I have also posted this in the bug-report forum, as requested.

Thank you, Rheniite! Still nothing entered from our team, but I’ll be on the look out for any similar reports and entries from our team. Just curious, if you Alt/Opt+Tab out of the game and tab back in, does it seem to briefly fix the issue?

Thanks. No, using Command-Tab out of and back into the game does not affect this bug.