Win in 5 min if this toss does this all the time?

Every game is proxy void ray with shield battery. It is not fun to get contained and win a high pressure 10 min game doing double gas cyclone into viking, and I know he does this every game against terran.

I thought about doing proxy barracks to win his main but i will not have enough to depend his first void ray. Any suggestion as I dont want another 10 to 12 min tiring game

You could try to expand in the corners, and send counter-attacks if you can manage the extra APM, and scout his stuff, and destroy any key tech structures or destroy some of his economy as much as possible, which could make him withdraw his voids. If he does this, you could use your main army to sweep the shield-batteries/pylons before he returns. It could shorten this by about 2-3 minutes. I don’t really know the exact strategems as I main as zerg.

3 rax proxy as done by TY is an automatic win against 1 base void ray proxy, send a marine to scout around for the proxy then attack it with all your marines. Against 2 base void ray proxy it’s done too late to scout so you automatically lose.

You still can lose to a 1 base proxy with 3 rax if you scout it but it’s not likely.