Will you surrender in just 3 mins after the start? PVT survived from Terran's marine

It is really easy to give up in the beginning. Really important to smell the cheese as quickly as you can. In this replay, a little late, but not that too late.

Did anyone get any suggestions? Will not be lucky every time.

That’s not a little late. Harstem has a nice quote about that :wink: (Personal offence is not my goal, you player really nicely for the situation you faced! I am sorry if the comparision is bad, I am pretty tired right now and probably not thinking properly.)

That was a nice reaction with probe pull.
I could tell you about scout and other things, but there is something else.

You have good decision making and won the match. There exist risk, if you improve, you may face more frustration connected with climbing the ladder/facing stronger opponents.

If you have fun from games, you could consider staying in the league you are in.

Scout (after pylon or gate, depends on person, I send after gate) ----> No barracks ----> Check gas and SCVs ----> No gas, little SCVs ----> Proxy barrack all in, add 2nd gate, cancel expansion (shouldn’t build at first place), batteries are great, chrono boost zealot, pull a few (3-5) probes to defend initial waves of marines before you get ranged units/batteries. I can’t tell you if adepts or stalkers are better.

Add quickly 2nd pylon next to gate to provide it with emergency power and prevent early supply block (because of building zealot) and 3rd on the highground, to provide you with building space for more gates/tech.
He went all in, has nothing at home. After you defend you have better technology and are in nice position. Adept pressure can deal some dmg, DTs can be deadly either (try to split DTs, to force scan on 1 DT, and no energy for 2nd scan).

----> If he has gas and more SCVs, then it could be proxy reaper or proxy marauder.

Reaper could be 1 barrack and instant unit production with rafinery at home.
A few reapers are not that scary (and require more gas than marauders) and are more a pressure tool than game ending. Try not to lose probes. Idk how to protect yourself before 1st adept/stalker, reaper will spawn very close and have a lot of time. You probably can go for 2nd base.

If it’s marauder, then don’t get 2nd base, perhaps make a sentry, a few stalkers, battery. Stargate Oracle opening can be very strong in the situation (he has no anti air! at home!). Scouting with phoenix halucination to assess amount of marauders/if he’s going to attack or not can be great. However, you should have some energy for ramp force field, if you can split them into half it would be great.

Regardless of situation, use 1-2 probes to find his proxy location and assess amount of barracks/stay around to check if he adds tech lab for marauders.

Good luck and have fun.

Wow, Dallarian, an amazing answer from you. I need more time to consume all the info one by one. All your suggestions are in good logic, really impressive. My weak point is reluctant to scout, which is quite important to move on high rank. Another weak point is to translate buildings to opponent intention. Need to practice more with other races. Will definitely try out the tactics you mentioned. And I will come to this thread for some new findings. Thank you again, Dallarian. This is the most valuable info I have ever seen.

For a second I thought it’s ironic :smiley:

How to play reactive?

  1. It’s difficult up to pro level.
  2. You lack game awareness.

There are a few ways than can help you with that.

Watch streamers/proplayers, they sometimes explain reactions and decision making of different weird situations.
There may be ready guides online - “Harstem hour never lose to cannon rush again”.

The best way is to lose games. Lose a game. Watch replay. Ask question “why did I lose?”. Then ask question “how not to lose in exacly same situation next time?”. Answer.
I failed to explain only one of my replays so far. If you struggle, ask someone with more experience. Race strategy discussion on the forum is a decent place to do so.

You may lack raw data for decision making. I got to diamond without really scouting, I was sending a probe as “healthy habit”, but I couldn’t interpret what I see.
After I lost a few times to proxy barracks and zergling rushes, cannon rushes, I started paying attention to:
Are barracks in wall position? Are they somewhere in his main? No? Proxy!

Ping on Protoss first building. Forge? Cannon rush in shadows! (You see by then if enemy Protoss is creating pylons in your main, if he doesn’t and early forge is present, then cannons are outside your view, could be preparation for shield battery outpost or hidden cannon rush) Gate? Okay. Forge and Gate? Soft cannon rush into void rays!

Spawning Pool first can be a defensive Zerg opening, it’s not an indicative. But even if zerg is going for zerg rush, they will usually drop 2nd hatchery anyway.
What is indication? If pool is under construction, it finishes and zerg changes 3 larvas into eggs, then he’s making 6 zerglings = rush.

If zerg continues drones production, stay around. Around 2:00-2:20 check number of zerglings on the map/if new appear from the cocoons. Also count drones. If there are 0-3 drones in his 2nd base, not many in his main, then you are zergling rushed. If he has 2 working assimilators and roach warren, he is rushing you with roaches. (both situations no 3rd base usually).

If he goes early lair, expect Swarm hosts (infestation pit) or hydralisks, or mutalisk = more scout needed.

But you basicly need raw info what an action mean for a race and what could be their goal. You will find a lot of such “basics” in Harstem’s Is it imba or do I suck? I do not know any exact scouting guide.

Gather information about strategy indicatives from many different sources and try to put it together. Supply it with knowledge from replays. You will still lose to some of strategies, but if you can perfectly counter something and win easily game because of that, it is really nice satisfying.

Have a nice day.