Why not update factional units in WoL based on faction aesthetics?

Like the Tal’darim, Nova’s prison guards guarding Tosh’s comrades, Mengsk’s units, etc.

This kinda looks like the “same model different name” syndrome

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The Dominion and Raiders units do use the same aesthetics, and updating the Tal’darim would be work, which they have decided they dont want to do. So dont count on it.

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Nova isn’t in charge of New Folsom that’s one thing.

The other thing is they stopped making any new stuff for SC2. Updating an old campaign is the last thing you can expect them to do.

I mean like, just applying the existing resources as skin paints?

They still won’t do it.

I think they are “not the same”.
Tal’darim are “another kind of Tal’darim” than the ones in WoL, Mengsk may have changed his organization after events of WoL, prison guards are indeed, as Skehan said, unrelated to Nova.
So even if the game was still worked on, that way look like a dead end.

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The WoL protoss custom campaign actually gave the Taldarim, Taldarim skins.

So yeah Blizz could at least do that but it’s not gonna happen.

Nova wasn’t guarding New Folsom.

True. In WOL and maybe even in HOTS, you are against the Tal’darim Executor, not Highlord