Why is terran balanced for incompetence?

The only race that actually gets handed free stuff the entire game long.

Cheapest army composition, yet most versatile and fastest.

Macro mistakes are all forgiven, supply depot drop down, mules,

Terran can lose half there army and still be maxed out because the race is so cheap.

Terran 2 base allins destroy protoss 2 base allins.


Get a life, maybe play some games, have fun, destress. Take a vacation. Stop spamming the forums with your useless vitirol.

I have some cheese and I small well really tiny violin if you would like to continue however.


bio is strong from early to late. and Terra rarely needs upgrades for other units.

if Terra was only bio i would nerfs the late game hard. but there are still mech and mech is more focused on late game. and the nerfs would kill me then.

Actually, Innovation say Terra is strong, let’s see how the patch plays out

Start playing terran then. Im sure we’ll be seing you in gsl in no time.


Terran 2 base all-ins even lose against Protoss 3 bases macro lol.


Haha, good answer, lol))

The reason Terran is balanced for incompetence is related to the fact that both Zerg and Protoss can warp across the map at will. Zerg has a Nydus network that’s hard to detect which can pop up random rushes, like swarm host, at any moment. Protoss has the Warp Prism and Strategic Recall escape anytime they get outplayed.
Terran should have a warp portal addition to the sensor tower, creating a new structure called the Sensor Portal that allows Terran players to ship units across the map in the same manner the other two races are already afforded. While Z and P would claim this is unfair, it isn’t because the location of the Sensor Portal will still be revealed on the minimap, which the Nydus Network and Warp Prism locations are not.

Sounds like someone in gold league, get into masters and than come back again and talk smack…