Why can't ascendants turn into archons?

Why can’t ascendants turn into archons?

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They’re just built different

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Cause they don’t consider sacrificing themselves for the greater good anything worth doing.


Yep Templar believe in sacrifice for the greater good of Daelaam society . Ascendants (at least in co op) sacrifice others for their own power.


Have you seen them with 10 supplicant stacks? They ARE archons!

But why in the campaign section?

Because this is campaign section and nothing matters here.

Unless you say a bad word in autumn.

Continuing with “nothing matters” :stuck_out_tongue: , I thought you’d get to use them in LotV campaign (I’m still working through HotS).

Who? The ascendants or the archons?
You get both in the campaign, though for archons you need to select “high templar” instead of ascendants, then merge 2 of those.

I was referring to Ascendants

So to go into it, we see HTs that the dialogue labeled as “ascendants” merge into archons in the Zeratul prologue missions. With the implication merging into an archon is more a thing all protoss can do, I don’t see any reason why they can’t, it’s just purely a gameplay thing to give HTs in campaign the ability to merge into them (since they couldn’t do it for the dark archons being a base unit and DTs having their own tier).

Though an interesting note in Co-op is the high stack ascendants become very archon-like in their aura, which I always assumed was an intentional nod.