Why can Terran/Toss get Capital ships by 5:30?

Just watched sOO vs sOs today and saw the carrier rush in action. Absolutely ridiculous both Terran and Toss can have their capital ships and be attacking by six minutes but it takes Zerg usually 5:30 - 6:00 before the spire is even finished. Zerg definitely needs to have its tech timings cut by 30 seconds total for lair/spire.

Because unlike Zerg, Terran and Protoss cannot tech-switch on a dime, and more importantly, they also require production structures to be built for any kind of unit production. The more of that unit you want to produce, the more you have to spend on production. Zerg doesn’t have to do that.

Also if you’re rushing BCs or carriers, then queens alone will deal with one or two BCs. By the time that you have 2 BCs out, you can have corrupters up to counter them.


As Miro said, Terran and Protoss capital ships are limited mainly by their production capacity (in addition to research costs). You need a very large number of capital ships before they become a problem, and that requires a significantly larger investment in production structures, resources, and time than can be done in a BC, Carrier, or Tempest rush.

By contrast, Zerg could easily produce 1 “Brood Lord” or “Ultralisks” every 11 seconds from a Hatchery without Injects, as long as they have the money for the unit and available supply. You would need the resources, and the units would be “delayed” by their build time, but the actual production rate of that Hatchery is 6x that of a Starport producing Battlecruisers or a Stargate producing Carriers.

Zerg can access Infestors, Corruptors, and their other late-game units by the time that Terran or Protoss could actually build up enough capital ships to require such a response.


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I have only ever had a single SC2 account. You are just one of those fools who assumes that the world is out to get them, and thus everything must be part of a conspiracy.


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I don’t think Blizzard wanted Capital ships to be in the early game.
Interesting is that this T3-rush is mostly possible against Zerg.
This shows how different the races are and how differently they are played.

Oh so 5:30 isn’t the early game? Seems pretty damn early to me.

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Personally speaking I would classify 5.30 as mid-game as most people have gotten their expansion or opening build orders out of the way which is what the early game generally consists of. Early game would probably be the first 0-4 minutes of the game, when people are still teaching up, getting their natural expansions (or in Zerg’s case, 3rd) or proxying.


that would be a good question about how the game is divided up.
For example, if you play the 2-1-1, the first action is ~5min. is that mid or early?

That would technically make it a mid-game attack as it hits around the time where you have finished setting up your tech and your first expansion, which IMO is typically when you start entering into that midgame and the game generally becomes a lot more active. Its still early in that “midgame” stage, but I do think that is the start.

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You could also say 0-6min is early game.
Because then most of the openings are played out. and now the follo strategies come. Fight for Base 3/4, Push, multi harass etc…

Mmm… I think that’s pushing it ngl. Generally by the time that harassment and first push is hitting I would class that as midgame, not early game. There ARE some early game builds - cheeses specifically - but most builds focus on a midgame timing into either all in or macro play, or they focus on super greedy play to get ahead economically.

early game = 2-5 min, midgame = 6-10min, late game = above 10min.

would you still introduce an ultra late? or is that more a part of units comp?

you can have ultras by 4-5 min. so no that would definatly just be unit comp. Units dont count as late game early game since they have nothing to do with the time of the game. game time is simply just time.

You can’t compare what professional players do and what you and I do. I’m a protoss player and 5.30 into the game I usually only have void rays. If I rush Carrier then I’m taking a big chance be aware of that. It is by no means. free to rush carriers or for that matter battlecruisers.
scout what the opponent is doing and react before it´s too late.

I mean, with all due respect, most people by plat/diamond have some idea of how to execute a build order. It may not be perfect execution, but I can hit a 5.00 timing for a 2/1/1. I might be missing a marine or two, but I can still hit it - and I’m no pro player.

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LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing!