Why are Zerg so weak now?

Hey everyone, have not posted here for a WHILE, but recently started getting back into Starcraft and am realizing that switching from Toss to Zerg may have been a ridiculous FAIL
I can’t say for sure, but I feel like they have somehow been nerfed to the point where they could just be completely removed from the game.
I mean, they are pathetically under-powered compared to the other races.
They do almost no damage to anything past T1 units, even at higher levels.
They practically MELT as soon as they run into an enemy group because they have zero armor, and almost no life. Even Ultras get owned by a group of Marines.
Their big daddy units come off as sad versus what the other 2 races have to work with, but are no less time / resource intensive to build.
They are next to impossible to heal / repair without needing extreme, Olympic level micro, using Queens.
I realize that by design, Zerg are meant to swarm opponents with floods of units, but if that was the case, they would be far cheaper / faster to build. The thing is that it can be a mind numbingly tedious thing waiting for Larva, in order to truly Zerg someone.
Versus Terrans, they get CRUSHED by Marines / Tanks.
Versus Toss, they are a total joke.
Almost seems that the only match up that is viable is versus another Zerg player, or they are an ignorant mistake.
Should I just give up on them as a race option until the nerf maniacs at Blizzard decide to give them a chance, or is there a optimal way to play Zerg that I cannot figure out??
Thanks in advance!!


I think biggest problem is queen blizzard had stupid idea and never dropped it.

Queen can be decent unit if was actually had decent speed off creep.

Queen delay tack by decent amount, you can rush but since units tied to queen you be really hurting your self.

Appreciate the prompt response, but actually, what I was slightly miffed over was the fact that a good sized force of Zerg units, don’t seem to be able to hold their own against a group from the other races, mainly because they are so SQUISHY & drop so fast…
While I can get the benefits of good micro, it didn’t feel like it was that big a deal with either Toss, or with Terrans, as their units did not drop like flies at the first site of the enemy.
Can it be that Zerg is the ‘Micro’ race in the game, and cannot be played realistically without being a micro champion??
The units just cannot hang with the OCEAN of units the other races have that are battle ready??
For the record, I do not want to Mass Zerglings, just to be able to play Zerg if possible!!

No I think its more zerg is expected to mine out more bases than its opponent due to how fast they can make drones creep spread etc that even if you trade poorly you mine enough more bases to still win. If you want to just death ball with strong units maybe you would enjoy one of the other races more. Also late game with tons of hatches saturated with larva you can instantly remax. So its you who has to be the ocean and when you lose half your army for 1/4 of theirs that is ok because you instantly rebuild to full and keep chipping them down.

That’s not realistic if my units cost as much as there’s I need massive economy which also cut down my attack force.

Which all my basses wide opening unless I destroy my economy for base defensive.

It be nice if spines and spores take in consideration the cost and build time of drone. So you wont have to destroy economy tring to defend.

Concept of Zerg doesn’t really work. Only thing works tech swalping but problem units so weak that it hardly matters. Zerg has one strength and it poorly executed by how weak are units are and by cost.

Toss and Terran can keep up with unit creation just as Zerg can.

Banelings don’t work any unit they destroyed is back up, since banes most expensive unit that takes time to build.

Its very realistic the last game I played with Zerg I was vs terrain and I literally made almost nothing but ling bane all game didn’t even upgrade and won by simply taking more bases and not letting them get a 5th expansion. You don’t need so mass static defense you can make drone so fast and creep the map so fast and rebuild your army so fast once you dodge initial harassment your the one in the drivers seat most games. If I can take 6-7 bases to your 4-5 and my units are just as powerful and I produce them faster that’s not very fair. I personally love zergs design and like that the races all feel different.

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This might have been true in WOL but Zerg has the same production as the other two races now with the worker increase. Back in WOL and early HOTS you had to stay a base ahead of your opponent to be even. But now its just “Work with what you got and always be even or behind.”

Really? No one mentioned how infestors suck now? infested terran was their primary spell, its removed… the anti air GROUND ONLY** spell wasn’t touched by anyone until they buffed it ( no research needed) yet they are STILL the weakest caster in the game…
They (blizzzard still participates in patches???) NEED to buff fungal and give infestors more HP because if they cant send a unit out (IT) that can tank, THEY need to be able to tank with their now strongest ability being neural… its biggest weakness if the enemy just focusing ur infestors who have so little HP its insane… MY proposal is give them a portion of the units max HP it is controlling… AND/ OR share the damage it takes between the two…

I made post how infestor in sad spot because it’s original ideal that had 25 energy spell was removed. Swarmhost can get two locust out before 0 to 75 energy.

Fg is weak it post to slow down op marine so they can’t stutter step.

I find it funny how people it be so op it fg can kill units gets it’s ok to shield batteries remove damage or widow mines can kill mass lings, mutas

Why is infestor 80 hp but considered armored it’s only unit that’s below 100 hp that classified as armor on top of no nature + armor.

I think they need remove fg give blinding cloud and drop cost 25 energy.

Give fg to the viper

make roaches regen hp faster while burrowed, same for infestors (regen hp and energy) faster. in return, slightly buff base hatcheries larva spawn rate and remove queen spawn larvae ability
the tldr: buff gas heavy units of zerg, reduce the ability to just rinse and repeat mindless ling/bane f2a attacks

Lol it’s kinda funny how Protoss and Zerg both feel like they’re so bad they might as well be deleted

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In my opinion I think popping duel spires and cranking air upgrades for muta is a nice addition to a beautiful side combo of your favorite mid-rare chopped Terran.

I can see why you made this post. I like zerg the most of all 3 races for it’s unique mechanics, yet when i undergo all 3 phases training in VERSUS mode with all 3 races, it was relatively easy with protoss and terrans, but i got hard beat up in 3rd phase as a zerg. Something is not right with them. You need at least 2-3 queens near your hives or the production is slow. And their base defense suck, i don’t even bother building it, just massing an army near hive.

Problem is range and it all start with mineral units.

Terran marine dps monsters with support with longest and huge aoe attack.

Banelings resources hog and larva. Lings hp so small that microing them is difficult. I seen pro games where they made mistake on clicking target where lings couldn’t get spends couple seconds where to go while being destroyed.

Zerg is arguably the strongest race. Its a l2p issue or a philosophy issue or both.

You talk about repair/heal ? philosophy issue, who needs repair/heal when you can just make countless more

a 200 vs 200 army ?.. its not a 200 vs 200 army, its a 200 vs 400 army… you need to count down your second wave to clear their first

Units melt ? thats what zerglings are for!.. throw countless zerglings at them to die… they only have one purpose against those pesky marines… soak up the damage while the banelings arrive… How many zerglings you making ?.. you should be making at least 150 … 100 banelings and some infestors… but i need more damage, thats when ultras come, but not 809832 ultras. just a few.

Protoss is roasting your zerglings ?.. ok, lets throw some more, but this time at their bases, probes, ruin their economy

Also if you are Larva starved its a queen inject issue, it always is … at your level i recommend even doing a second hatchery in main if you are larva starved, and put 2 queens there

Protoss is factualy weak.

Zerg and Terran are in a good spot