Why Aldaris revolted

So I have been watching some vids of a Youtuber called Executor Nral which mostly consists of clips from SC1 as well as some funny meme potential, when I watched his vids regarding Aldaris betrayal and people saying he was stupid to rebel and that he should’ve told everyone what he discovered.

I’ve seen similar statements in other vids and since I don’t have a Youtube account, I can’t reply so I can’t help but say my piece here, hoping someone would understand.

To answer the question why Aldaris didn’t tell anyone about Kerrigan’s control over Raszagal, would anyone believe him? Would Zeratul or his people really believe that their beloved matriarch is under the thrall of an infested Terran who, I might add, is mostly unknown to the Dark Templar save for Zeratul and company and she did help them recover Uraj and Khalis crystals. At that time, it was believed she wasn’t the same infested terran they fought on Char.

Also note that this is coming from a Judicator. He, his caste, and his Conclave Masters have been persecuting the Dark Templar for centuries. Add that to their poor handling of Aiur’s defense against the Zerg and death of the Conclave, The Judicators didn’t have that much power as they used and are distrusted by both Templars, High and Dark. The High Templar might be skeptical about his discovery, while the Dark Templar would probably dismiss his warning much has Raszagal dismissed his disagreements to Kerrigan’s claims of change.

And I think Aldaris knows this. He knew his words would fall on the Protoss’ nonexistent deaf ears, and nothing he could say or do could change their minds. At the same time, he can’t bear to see the Protoss race unknowingly serve the will of Kerrigan through her control over the Matriarch. So there was only one thing he could’ve done. Revolt. Rally his Judicator loyalists and either take out the Matriarch or die trying.

TL:DR, This is what I think why Aldaris revolted instead of telling anyone of what he found out.

The unsatisfying answer is that its kind of just manufactured tension. Aldaris is being unreasonable so they could squeeze in a TossvToss mission that forces you to utilize the Dark Archon to get your more powerful units.

Realistically Aldaris could at least try to warn Fenix and Artanis, even if they gave him the cold shoulder they’re still Templar, and maybe even Zeratul, the Dark Templay saved his scaly butt, he was probably already humbled enough by that experience to try and warn them of what he’d discovered, and all it would take would be to flick them a quick psi-tweet across the psi-matrix or some-such, he certainly has no problem doing that to taunt you while you’re playing the mission.

His rebellion against Raszagal while the titular heroes are off collecting the plot-crystals makes perfect sense though, none of the DTs outside of Zeratul’s merry band would give him the time of day for good reason, so the only course of action available to him is to grab all his Khalai buddies and bunker up on the outskirts of town.

He tries to warn Zeratul and co. in the end but only in the most backhanded way possible and long-windedly enough for Kerrigan to slowverlord into the battlefield, burrow 3 Lurkers and kill him as inefficiently as possible.

Why does Aldaris seem like such a snake?