[Wholesome] Making my First Mod to play with my Dad, but I'm clueless

Hey everyone.

Recently, I got my Boomer dad to install Starcraft 2 so we could play together even though I live on the other side of the world. 20 years ago, he introduced starcraft to me through the Brood War battle chest so we could do exactly this, play online while he was stationed overseas. We couldn’t quite figure out battle.net at the time, but I never stopped enjoying starcraft.

So now I’m teaching him everything while on voice calls. We’re doing 2v2s vs AI playing as Terran, and he’s still learning the absolute basics. He still doesn’t know that widow mines, ghosts, stim, or bunkers exist yet. Mostly just MMM and BC’s lol.

I want to make a mod that will help train him and make the experience more enjoyable for us. It’s not good to have to explain vipers in the middle of the match. Later, we can play unmodded. I have not much experience with the starcraft editor. I think the last time I used it was in 2003. Specifically, I want the mod to do the following:

  1. Be usable on ANY ladder map
  2. Alter the costs and build times of units, structures, and upgrades, but ONLY for the AI. (for all races, not just Z and P)
  3. Remove certain units, structures, upgrades, and abilities, but only for the AI. (for all races, not just Z and P)

Where in the 9001 menus do I go to set these things?

I would invite you to join the sc2 mapster community to have answers. Join us on discord, we are a live community helping each others doing things with the editor. If i’m not the one helping you, someone else will.

Just find sc2 mapster on google, on the forums search “discord” and find their discord link.

I think you are looking for what is called an extension mod I can help you with that if you want just give me a call on the old discord : )
TJ LingLing#4347
I’m sure I can also help you make the mod too if you want me to that is.