Where is ghandi

Ok, so this dude has made quite a few post pertaining to how op zerg are, more specifacally how zerg shouldnt be able to produce so much more units faster because he cant wall off as toss. ie him dying to ling rushs, because he refuses to wall off. anyways, this dude was bsing for awhile on the forums here namely calling me out as a low ranked because i only play teams and team rank dont mean squat to him. But lately ive yet to see anything from this guy, is he still here or did he finally delete the game. Theres been no whining about zerg from him for awhile now since so many people corrected him on his assumption of how zerg works. Well Ghandi is your cry baby butt still here.

Of all units in game he pick weakest unit. If Zerg, vs Terran or toss and can make only mineral units then Zerg is dead

Yeah its quite funny he hasnt posted in awhile since so many called him out on his bs

Unfortunately, he has urgent business that he has to attend to so he left a video explaining the cause of absence. They don’t call him Gandhi for nothing.



I don’t know what the thread is about.
and how it helps you further?

It aint here to help me, i just want to make sure the poor guys alright. He went from posting on everything and purposely singling me out in various post to no post in a few weeks after he got called out on his bs arguments.

Proly rage quit the game, I saw his APM and how he battles…

although ghandi has already been corrected by many and he doesn’t write anything more about it. do you think it’s important to open a thread to annoy him?


sure do 20 characters.

Lol, I’ve found no need to argue or talk to you since you have no idea how this game works.

The simple fact of the matter is that there will be no further balance patches whatsoever.

Also I don’t lose to ling rushes, my complaint is the fact that Zerg can Dominate the map with lings at the start AND have 2-3 exps within 5 minutes of the game. Protoss absolutely cannot do anything about this except turtle and try to build enough of a deathball to breakout and hope the zerg player makes enough mistakes to win the game.

The balance team realized how bad this was for Protoss so they threw the battery overcharge band-aid in hope to fix it yet low level players still don’t understand what Focus Fire the battery means and complain the Protoss OP OMG.

Hey hes alive glad to see yah mate