When is blizzard going to fix the bugs on Salvation and Essence of Eternity?

Why when Nathanias played Brutal Salvation it only spawned about 1500 units vs him, but when I play Brutal Salvation it spawns approximately 3000 units vs me? I can win the map anyway, but the artifact literally had on elife remaining the first time I won on Salvation on Brutal, and not much more than that the second time I won Salvation on Brutal.

I have the same problem on Essence of Eternity, the last wave is literally 200 supply of tanks and battlecrusers AND 200 supply of Ultraliks and Zerg fliers all hitting me at once. How the heck is anyone supposed to stop that? And no, as far as I can tell, this wave doesnt’ even happen to GMS when they play the map.

Is this a bug,? Of is there some sadistic trigger to punish middle league players for not being super-human APM?

I don’t know about Salvation, but you need to use Kerrigan much less in Essence of Eternity. Basically, you want to finish the game before that last wave can do much damage.

I haven’t encountered this bug. What exactly are the circumstances of the huge wave? Have you tried comparing a replay of your own game to one of the campaign VODs? Maybe it was patched after the 10th anniversary thing to have more units.

In any case, the Salvation can be cheesed by having Stargates beside Karax and just pumping out Voidrays with Karax’s super chrono.

Essence of Eternity can be cheesed by taking your allies’ gases, and spamming your own tanks and planetary fortresses.

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Have you tried considering building a lot of stuff in the bases and around kerrigan, so even if those death waves spawn they’ll waste minutes getting to kerrigan