What's good against Thor?

Opponent goes mass thor/hellbat. I went air toss, VR, Carrier, Temp.

Thor easily killed all 3 combos ez.

Is air toss impossible against this build?

Stalkers, Immortals and Disruptors that’s all you need vs Thors and Hellbat

3 Disruptors are able to kill 1 thor and if they are close together you can kill 4 - 5 of them if you micro properly.

Protoss air is weak vs Thors…
Carrier get 3 hits from the Thor before you even lunch the Interceptors
Tempest get 1 hit before you hit the Thor and the Tempest will be destroyed even faster then Carrier because of low HP…

Tempest will be destroyed at 9 hit
Carrier will be destroyed at 14 hit

Carrier are better choice but I prefer ground vs Thor :slight_smile:


Peronsally i like to counter this with archons/collosus (a few , just againsty hellbats) and immortals against thors. Its still tricky tough becase you must micro the archons against hellbats and immortals against thors. All is decided very fast and if you waste immortals shots against hellbats, you will prolly loose.

Against multiple tanks+ thors+ hellbats i got no idea really. The tanks kill the archons to fast, then immortals shoot hellbats, hellbats kill reinforcing zealots and everything turns to sh*t. Maybe with some fancy zealot flanks on the tanks…Or maybe thats the compositions against which some carrers would shine…


Add in liberators and its a real crap show. They say make tempest against libs, but temp shoot slow and take awhile to kill libs. Guess you are just supposed to siege them.

But if you are not in an air build it can be hard to tech to temp in time. Tricky either way. I hear disruptors is the way to go against this build, but they can be a little tricky too.

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Disruptors shut it down hard. Also, ZIA also shreds it, but you have to have the immortal count to back that up. Disruptors are the ultimate counter.

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I will remember that. I am not great with the yet, but am getting a heck of a lot better.

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Can you post a replay of a game in which you deal with mass thor with disruptors?
I tried it in the past and i couldnt make it work, I would really like to see someone play it, who is much lower then pros so i can have a hope to do something similar.

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yesterday i played vs a terran who went thor/hellbat…

i had 200/200 supply

80 probes… about 16 immortals and 6 disruptors. Filled with some chargelots…

Thor’s where shooting my zealots and immortals. and i just pumped 6 balls into his clump of thors… 10 went down in a couple of seconds and a buttload of hellbats.

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Nice. So I am guessing you won?

easily… after his first MECH army thins down or vanishes… it takes 4ever to make a new one… so i just push on

I rarely ever play Thors but when I do, I either all-in before they reach critical mass of tanks or Thors, and if I think I can’t I’ll try to out-expand and contain my opponent. It’s a slow build-up for them.

When they do get their 3rd, you can outmaneouver them with far more mobile units. When they move out, move in with a sizeable squad to hinder their eco and production.

If they return home, you just keep expanding and gain a big eco lead.

If they go on with their push it becomes all-in for them. Just chip away at their army and remax/reinforce- when it does reach your base you should be able to fight it. If you dealt big damage to their base, you can afford to lose some stuff too.

Always keep the bulk of your army near their base so you can delay/stop bases and delay pushes as much as possible. If you make sure you have big eco lead, you should be able to take pretty inefficient trades and still come out on top.

But I do have limited experience vs this strategy. This seems to work for me, as my limited sample vs Thors or mech in general has a good winrate I believe.

I’ve also heard Disruptors are great to fight it, and they should certainly be able to cripple the move-out to snails pace, but I haven’t tried it.

Important thing here in my experience - If you’re ever in a situation where a bunch of Thors are knocking on your front door and you haven’t already chipped away at the army or launched a counter-attack, you’ve messed up.

Yes, air toss is impossible against Thor. Thors are anti-air kills with their damage and range. Immortals, archons, zealots and disruptors are the way to go.

Whoever who said that doesn’t know their stuff heh heh. If you watch pro-level gameplay, it is usually stalkers against liberators.

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Immortals for the win.

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Thor > Immortal
Thor > vs any Protoss unit in 1v1 combat

Sad but true…

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It will be a mistake to be thinking that you need to go against a Thor in a 1:1 kind of match up when it comes to units. This is not a custom game. You will usually have an army with you (just like the Thor will likely have Mech / Bio with them).

And the actual counter to Thors are:

  • Zealots
  • Stalkers
  • Immortals

With hard counters being:

  • Archons
  • Void Rays
  • Tempests
  • Disruptors

So it is important to note that Immortals are a decent counter unit considering that they have shields and deal a lot of extra damage to armoured units.