Whats a good 1v1 build vs brottoss?

hi im in dia 1 and my win rate vs prottoss is 26%(50% zerg 60% terran) and i was wondering if anyone could give me a solid, not proxy, build that works against almost everything for pvt?

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3 widow mine drop into bio / mine is what I most often see (pick up widow mines after oracle attack window / after the 3rd mine comes out; no addon for the factory until then).

–> See first comments for links to the games.


If you scout stargate, you shouldnt mine drop, meta is get a cyclone and viking, then either transition, or just do the anti stargate thing and get like 3 vikings 2 tanks and attack, pull like 4 scvs for bunkers
If you are good at multitasking you go for 3 cyclone marine at 3rd,land 1viking at nat, and siege up liberator in main


You might be struggeling at 3 parts:

  1. Opening (in addition to SommY’s comment: you can also plant one of the 3 widow mines in a random loaction in front of your main base to catch an oracle if you scout stargate).

  2. Moving out / putting pressure on the protoss:
    You can also look at the protoss videos were vibe looses to toss (like too many marauders and he has collossi / storm instead of disruptors faster).
    Not sure if those were allins though.
    So something mobile like mine drop or cyclones to scout and then bio/liberator or cyclone/hellion/liberator vs. ground.

  3. Gas & tech (watch Vibe’s series to see the ideas behind different styles).

Also feel free to post a few replays - I’m pretty sure that a lot of terrans can learn a lot here (with comments from you and whoever is going to help here).

I want to suggest BeastyQT’s guide for this year:

Its a good winnable matchup, and also enjoyable to play.

Do the 3-1-1. It’s pretty good. It transitions into 5-1-1 and it has harassment capabilities. https://terrancraft.com/2020/01/21/tvp-standard-3-1-1-framework/