What to do vs Mech?

I’m lost when it comes to ZvT and trying to beat Terrans who Turtle into Mech. I know “Don’t let them expland” is a tactic, but it seems like that’s much harder to stop then it is for the Terran to react and cripple you.

If I do make it to Mid/Late game, I just don’t know what to make to counter Thors/Tanks, Mech in general. Every ground unit gets destroyed and Broods just don’t cut it. I’ve even tried Vipers/Infestors in the mix but the APM and control required to counter such a army seems to be much higher then a Terran who don’t even have to micro their units.

The only time I do manage to win vs Terran Mech-Turtle style is to somehow cripple the Terran before they get “too much mech”. Even in some cases I still end up losing because of the ridiculous HP of Mech units. BC’s are beasts…

Is it just easier for Terran to Turtle to BC/Thors/Tanks? Mech in general? Does Zerg simply require more APM to counter lower APM Turtle style play?

Guess these forums and game is more dead then I thought.

first ideas that i, too, forget from time to time:
1.) attack direction: T usually takes triangular bases. often the 3 base is well secured (most tanks). there are T that have little def at the natural. meaning you can come from the side and into the natural / main base. T is forced to clean his bases which gives you time and possibly a lead. ( map dependent)

2.) tech path: use your multi tech Roach warren/ spire/ ultra etc… first roach heavy and then on muta. example: you try to kill primary thor and then go on muta and kill tanks, meaning terran always builds what is worse in the next round.
i admit when the terran army is too all round it doesn’t work so well.

games plan:

  1. Serral, but on an older patch: get almost 90 drones → ling/bane Muta or Ravager.
    multi attack trade with terran, advantage by ecco lead, but you have to keep the pressure up.
    possibly nydus?

  2. what i try: ~66 workers fast~12 sh + roach/ Ravager or hydra (if Banshee). constant pressure. regularly change attack angle.
    possibly add spellcaster.

  3. mass Bl - viper ? not sure ~80 workers + fast tech?
    Blinding Cloud and ~15+ bl? not sure but the idea is clear.

  4. viper lurker/x, a kind of slow push with ~5 viper? take one viper and pull 1-2 targets into the lurker.

I can’t think of anything else atm.
other ideas:
infestor - Neural Parasite i like the idea, but often one scan and dead…

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I appreciate the reply. Most of what you said is that I do and sometimes it does work but it just takes everything out of me. At the end of the match I’m exhausted just trying to deal with 1 unit. The terrans are usually like 60 APM and sit behind PF walls and Turrets. Drags the game out to 30+ minutes and never attacks. It’s almost like if they sit there, you can’t really do a whole lot once it gets late game.

For now if I see a Terran going Mech and I can’t finish or delay them, I just leave since I can usually get 2 more matches in vs Terrans who don’t do this. It’s just anti-fun and it feels like the Terran has the advantage the whole time. Even if they do nothing but play sim-city and make mech.

It feels like Infestors losing IT’s it made it much MUCH harder to deal with.

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Try lurkers and lings cover lurkers with lings and put lings on hold. This force Thors target lings. Use infestor use fg to keep them out range.