What should I be doing?

Hey everyone!

I’m really having trouble winning lately in ZvP.
I usually play ViBE’s B2GM with my own little twist of adding Lurkers to my Roach Hydra ball.
Right now, it seems 'tosses like to make 30 zealots and send them into all of my bases at once. I then get pushed by 40 supply of Stalker-Immortal-Colossus-Storm and somehow lose all my army.
I’m having doubts I’m playing the right build.

What should I be doing in this situation? Thanks!

Build spines on outer bases with 1 or 2 lurkers guarding each base.

Couple tricks when use lurkers cover them up with lings on hold.

Outside of aoe even with stealth detection they target lings witch adds more time to your lurkers.

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I’m not familiar with Vibes B2GM approach, but against heavy zealot styles there are 2 things I’ve found to work well

1st would be roach-ling-bane or ravager-ling-bane. Banelings make a huge difference against zealots, roaches alone usually don’t fare well, especially once upgrades start kicking in. Zealots with charge negate the range advantage while having higher dps and slightly more hp counting shields. It’s the easiest to get out and can be used all game long. Ravagers are more for the lacking armor affinity and dps against the follow up push.

2nd is lurker-static def. Takes longer to establish because of tech and cost, but much more cost efficient and easier to maintain than banes since they don’t suicide. Spines draw zealots together for lurker aoe, spores against observers and dts. They will also rip apart the follow up push, especially with infestors or viper support.

Of course, replays can help with more detailed pointers. But these have helped me a lot

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These make sense, and I appreciate the time you’re spending to help me.

To help clear up the confusion, Vibe’s B2GM uses a roach-hydra style build up until Diamond league, and focuses almost entirely on macro. This style has gotten me from Bronze 1 MMR to 2.8k MMR (I hit it yesterday!) It does have minor micro, but the most you do is sending changelings to scout for bases and pre-split for fights.

Two questions for you.

Q1: Why do I have to add the ravagers or roaches? (I am complaining a little bit, sorry.)
I don’t enjoy playing roach-ravager or anything like that. I will definitely use it in ZvZ because it’s an important phase of the game, but Ravagers are used in every matchup! It’s like I’m a terran now and make the same unit to counter everything. It also seems like I perform better when I use Hydras (I know I’m a sinner) instead, and I also really love the reliable anti-air.

Q2: Why should I make spine crawlers? I know they deal significant DPS, but they seem like they just die so quickly. Am I going to be spending 150 minerals and a larva every 3 minutes to rebuild my spine crawlers, or will my drones be safe and sound?

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Well if they have colossus and storm you will have trouble playing hydra ling into that, but lurker would be great so then the only issue is immortals. If you’re playing on defense you can make a few spores in front of the lurkers which will absorb some damage and punish a-move observers, and you can really just mass lurkers and lings if he’s still committed to ground. Queens are useful for tanking as well.

The alternative is ling bling ravager in which case you have more initiative for taking fights, but it’s harder to deal with zealot counters. You really want to get used to using these units regardless though. Hydras are good if he’s going stalker heavy but generally when they have colossus you just want to morph them all into lurkers.

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It’s a very big answer since each game is different.
If I get the eco I want I put 2-3 lurkers on each corner bases.
If they zealot you during your eco phase eventually when main mines out use those drones for static D instead of transferring.
Zealots are so tanky. Banes , lurkers and studder step attack with your rdps units.

Static D for now man and scouting info so you know if oppo changes to air or stays with gate units.
Btw: ravagers are amazing vs toss. Do not underestimate them.

First need to scout best ya can. Each game is different.
I try to leave 2 lurkers at main and corner bases with spine spore back up.

But it’s hard to do while defending or being aggressive.

Once you hit a spot where aggression isn’t working back off and just turtle till you have the build & drone count you want.

Just scout every inject cycle or minute.

you’re starting to hit mmr where b2gm will not work as heavy as it used to.
Now it’s make correct counter or die.

Zerg is not easy don’t let anyone fool ya.