What is good against battle mech/tank?

Was attacked relatively early by battle mech and tank, at like 6 mins. I had stalkers an imortal or 2 and some zelots and a disruptor.

Tanks killed stalkers in 2 shots. Hellions killed zelots before they could get to tank, and disruptor was ineffective because they can just run away from the ball. Did land a ball on the tanks but ofc it doesn’t one shot them.

What are you supposed to make? Air?

How many tanks?
Battle mech is expensive. When tanks are there, they are committed.

Their army will move out at tanks pace regardless of Cyclone/Hellion mobility. You should have some kind of vision of when they move out, and preferably intercept them on the move.

Blinkstalkers are useful because they can disengage easily. That way you can poke and prod at their army to buy enough time to grow your army at home. A couple extra Disruptors should stop this army quite easily.

If they are already at your base with tanks before you even notice, you’ve already screwed up. But you still do have some options. Move a group of stalkers (Blink is practically a must vs Cyclone-mech) behind enemy lines to kill reinforcements. Hopefully you can buy enough time to grow your army enough to smash it from two angles.

You might have to give up the base in this scenario, but then again you’ve already screwed up as mentioned previously. So that’s fair.

So key factors here:
*Intercept tank-based army while it’s moving across the map.
*If above fails, cut off reinforcements and buy time to gain army lead.
*If you have to and can afford it, give up nexus and save probes.
*When and if you do commit to an attack, truly commit to it. A common mistake to make is to walk the lines of tank fire indecisively - giving them free damage and the worst possible trades. Once you’ve attacked, you’re committed.

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Do you only make stalker/disruptor? Are zelots useless here? I know charglots are pretty good at getting on top of tanks and maurader (if they are doing a bio/tank push.) But they seemed pretty useless in this case.

Zealots are great in the situation where you have to commit to the attack. Depends a whole lot upon the number of Hellions in the army.

More Hellions = More stalkers
More tanks = more zealots

You probably want a few Chargelots regardless for when you commit to soak up initial tank shots, preferably coming in from multiple angles or a wide one.

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Post a replay and you’ll bet better advice. Most likely the reason you died is not seeing the move out and not macroing efficiently to where you have enough stuff (doesn’t matter what you build) to beat him when moves out.

Well, air is one possibility.

But I’d recommend either:

  1. Use Immortals since they eat through mech pretty fast.
  2. Use Nix to lift the Tanks so that the rest of your army can engage.
  3. Attempt to surround when engaging.

I’d highly suggest (3). Many times, people attempt to engage from just 1 direction. It allows the T to setup in such a way that they can use Hellbats to cushion the push before the army can reach the tanks. Plus it increases the surface area in which your army hits the other’s army.

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