What is Dehaka's Maximum Life limit?

All of my experiment was done in Maguro Map.
They are available in Arcade.

Dehaka can consume essence endlessly, so how far can he go?
Link: https://youtu.be/xrtHlRdCffE

The maximum HP: 394,000
This makes Dehaka the most tankiest unit in Co-op.
Theoratically, With 99 10 Stack Ascendants shooting Mind Blast, it only can cut down bit more than 1/3 of his health.
(99 Ascendants x 2 Shots x 700 damage = 138,000)
Even with Havoc increasing the damge to 30%, it wouldn’t even cutdown half of his health.
(99 Ascendants x 2 Shots x 910 damage = 180,180)

However if Dehaka’s health go beyond this, his health drop to maximum of 1 (It is believed that Essence gain turns into - from +)
(The reason is unknown but probably it has something to do with Essence counter).
The process can be reversed from - back to + when equal amount of Essence is consumed.

Another experiment was ran in RoK, Hope of the Khalai


I also ran experiment to have Dehaka in +318,000 Hp Fight in 6 most powerful unit buff mutation?

  1. Great Wall (workers build defence)
  2. Bloodlust (Increased Attack speed when Hp is low )
  3. Avenger
  4. Heroes of the Storm
  5. Inspiration
  6. Just Die

(Life Leech and Hardened will was excluded as it excessively extends battles)

Dehaka’s Health and health recovery made him virtually invulnerable but his attack was insufficient to clear the waves.
Dehaka’s Devour

  1. Biological = 89,040Hp gain
  2. Other = 15,900Hp gain

Dehaka lost due to enemy going into the base rather than wasting time with Dehaka.
The dual will most likely maintain stalemate.

This was a fun experiment.


The reason is very known. I think in this case it’s probably called “unsigned word”. That’s the amount of memory this “essence count” variable take according to this video.

The maximum number of data intake is 65535 and Maximum Hp is 500,000. I wonder if these have a connection.
The clear thing is, when reached to a certain limit the + turns into - therefore the Health reverts to 1.
Can you provide your reason with calculus?

65 thousand and this remainder is a 2^16, which can be stored in 16 bits of memory (each degree of 2 is one bit), because this number is always positive, last bit don’t have to store sign of number so it’s 65 thousand, other way it would be near from -32 to 32 thousands. When essence reach maximum value by adding, it starts counting from zero. The health amount is tied to essence amount so it changes whenever essence amount is changed apparently.

Sorry for my english I may have put some words incorrectly.

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Thanks for the equation.
I’m not sure how 2^16 the lower number than 394,000 can affect it. 2^19 would make sense since 2^19 x 0.75 Essence = is 393,216.
Questions for later.

True that.

Actually, you provided me with a huge clue.
393,216 + 600 = 393,816 Max. I think that is the best conclusion that I could come up with.

Glad to see someone enjoys Dehaka more than I do :slight_smile:

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I was talking about essence. Health probably occupy more space in memory. Health value often may be the float value or integer but with more space allocated for it.

This makes me want to play Dehaka/Swann on DoN Survival and crank his life up as high as it will go.

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Even with 9 hours, he only goes as high as 200,000.
Trust me I tried it twice

Even 50,000K sounds hilarious. That’s an absolutely absurd amount of hit points. Did you have help? Or did you make a 9 hour defense using only Dehaka + units?

I did it with Swann (Tank, Dizzy Missile + Billy Blaster) + Dehaka (Hosts + Creepers)

The best result you can get is Nydus Worms, not the infested (they provide very little essence).

How did you set up the game? Did a friend start with you then leave, or is there an arcade mode that lets you do this?

For me, I did it with friend in normal Co-op. But if you are very inclined to do it. I say Maguro Map is the safest as well as most efficient as you can use Command to get more resource and build fast.
Also, You can choose DoN boss. from Maguro Map but you have to put the Trigger command BEFORE you start the map.

Is there a way to start a Maguro map and control both commanders? When I’ve done it in the past the other commander remains neutral.

type in “-share” to control your ally units and “-caster” to control your ally’s top bar ability.

Personally, I find this command very useful
-money -fastbuilding -vision

You’ll find more command here

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I played for 2.5 hours on DoN and got Dehaka to 40k HP. Pretty great! Thanks for the idea

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