What I want to implement

Editor is a complex and powerful tool.
Although I learned much there are several things that I am unable to implement due to its high complexity.

  1. Kerrigan’s Omega Worms
    Able to spawn under enemie’s foot and pushing them off the ground (Knockback).
  2. Dehaka’s Punching effect
    Dehaka could punch units across the screen with fatal claw attacks.
  3. Adding Autocast Soul Absorbtion button for Alarak
    This ability is simply far too complex and apparently impossible to make it into an Autocast button.
  4. Adding Slow effect on Alarak’s Destruction Wave
    I’ve tried many times to include slow effect on to it, but unfortunately I kept failing.

Can anybody help me in this?

A useful Effect is the “Set” effect, where-in you can use multiple effects from the same source in one use. So on alaraks destruction wave, whenever it deals its “Damage” (or whatever effect it applies to units), replace this with a new Set effect, put that “Damage” effect along with an Apply Behavior effect with a linked Behavior in it to apply. (this will be the slow)

For the Apply Behavior effect, create a “Buff” type behavior that decreases movement speed. (Within the “Modifications” parameter) find speed multiplier, it will be default at 1.0, if you set this to, say, 0.5, it will reduce speed by 50%, 0.1, will reduce by 90%, if you understand that, 1.0 is normal speed. And don’t forget to set the Duration of the Buff so it’s not permanent.

I haven’t actually done too much knock-back, but you can experiment with the current known knock-back abilities (try queens shock-wave). But use a Set effect with whatever other effect and a Create Unit effect to create the Omega Worms whilst doing other said effect. Set “Create Point” to “Target Unit” so the worms spawn on the target unit.

I don’t know Soul Absorption so I can’t help there. And it may be obvious, but you can try YouTube for ability “Knock-back” if you haven’t already.

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You are my saving grace! I’ll try this soon

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong on this one (as I’m on mobile). I believe Alarak’s wave applies a behavior to the enemy when it hits them (to make them go up in air). Why not add an expire effect to this behavior that applies a slow behavior?
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Hey I didn’t know that method existed! i welcome it with open arms!

I believe Alaraks attack is actually using an apply kinetic effect that is called from the set effect (which is called on each unit found by the search effect)

EDIT: accidentally wrote isn’t instead of is

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Unfortunately, Expire Effect only affects buildings and not to the units… hmm

Also not even the sets could help me…

The thing is when the enemy is knockedout of the air, they don’t get affected.
I know they work in most situations but Alarak’s Destruction Wave is very very complex mechanism

I can make the Worms summon amongst the enemy but I can’t make it seems to knock them out.
I tried it with Glevig’s knockback but it happens very randomly, it works when it feels like it I guess.