What does the Protoss Drone Say

Having a heated discussion about what the drones say. There is one saying that we are not clear on. It sounds like the drone say " Thank you man " but some of us are not sure. The other is Can’t do that. So if anyone OR a Blizzard developers / programmer can way in on this that would be great.

“Thank you man”

To specify, do you mean Observers or Probes? Both of them could fall into “drone” cathegory.

The worker Drone/Probes

What a confusing title. I like to think probes talk kind of like dogs. You have an idea on what they are saying based on how they act/speak. The tone in their beeps gives you an idea of what they are trying to tell you.

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:slight_smile: I alwys tought the probes say a garbled “What now” :slight_smile: