What do I need in order to publish? [Resolved]

I’ve been playing Starcraft II for a bit now (free version) and wanted to make my own maps. My understanding is that I have to upgrade my copy to publish my maps. What qualifies as upgrading my copy, buying the campaigns, co-op characters, buying announcers, etc.? I checked the store and none of the items are listed as giving the power to publish maps. There isn’t a simple paid version and I’d like to avoid buying all the campaigns if I can.

Would love to know this myself. Got through the entire map making process with the intent to play with my buds only to get given an error on the very last screen informing me I need to pay to publish. Had quite a bit of fun with Starcraft and I’d drop money on the Zerg campaign - but no-where do I see what it is exactly I need to buy to get access to the publish function (which would be my main reason for buying anything from/for Starcraft)

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Previously it’s taken any purchase to gain access to more features. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case for publishing, but I’m confident that owning any purchased campaign will allow you to publish.

Good news everyone, I decided to buy a single unit skin and now I can publish maps. So we have confirmation that any purchase will work.

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