Well Done! Starcraft II was a mind blowing experience!

I would like to start off by thanking everyone that worked on this game. I have been a fan of Starcraft since the very first day it came out in 1998. I guess you could say I am a part of “The 1st Born” Starcrafters. From the graphics to the story line, and even the multiplayer game play it has been a wonderful and fun-filled journey. The campaign had me darn near addicted to moving forward and watching what comes next. This storyline of Starcraft II brought tears to my eyes and fire within my heart. I kind of wish Jim Reynor and Carrigan showed up to help fight the Golden Fleet for that would have had me crying like a baby; but either way this game was an absolute masterpiece. Antaro Tassadar! Antaro Zeratul! Antaro Artanis! This game has been a lovely touch for gamers looking for a mix from the ever more growing popular 1st person shooters. I looked into the possibility of a Starcraft III and though there is a slight chance that you all will make a 3rd, I’ve found that you are ending Starcraft. This really broke my heart and had I known this information I’d of taken this passed season more to heart. I’m not sure if it is due to not enough of a fanbase or not enough profitable return, I’d like you all to know that us, the 1st Born, pray every day for a 3rd Chapter of this game. I remember the drought from Brood War; how we were left on pins and needles for darn near two decades about the new creature that was being made to seeing that come to life with these Hybrids. I really hope that this is just a tactic to keep the new game under wraps because I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that Starcraft III would make my day! If you’re in need of people to assist working on the story line for a 3rd Chapter or anything, please do let me know for I’d love to help in any way possible to be honest. I can tell that SO much work went into these games and feel like the show must go on. It was an awesome ending for sure but the Zerg do not remain dormant for very long. Plus, I’m sure there are other monsters within the Void that are just begging to come out; let alone Alaraq has shown to be quite a nuisance himself. Whilst the media says “No new Starcraft”, we the 1st Born shall always believe that some day peace shall be shattered once more and the universe shall call upon us to unite and face the Zerg or whatever monsters that the void has to offer! Antaro Blizzard Entertainment! Antaro Starcraft!! And Antaro Zeratul!

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…and I’m Duke Nukem


Just play scr sometimes like i do, or replay its campaing. You sure cant win anygames but its still relaxing core starcraft for oldies like me.

Well said well said.

i not read all ur post becuse it 2 hard but u sound like a protons at the end

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There is no more Blizzard Entertainment. It’s gone.

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