We need a native M1 / M1 PRO / MAX - Update

The game is quite old, and native M1 unleashes the power of our systems.
Currently the game runs horrible in 4v4, custom on $3000 dollar machines.

Ive been waiting for awhile for fixes for the poor prefrmance, and i think its about time we all request blizzard do a Metal/M1 native optimization for us.


AGREED. Runs better on a 14 year old Windows box for crying out loud. Pretty sure it’s running under Rosetta translating all OpenGL calls on-the-fly. Metal isn’t new, and at this point neither is the M1, been out for awhile; so could you be so kind as to recompile the damn thing please??


We need more support with this to get blizzards attention.

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I really wish Blizzard would give any of their games any attention at all on the Mac platform, but they just can’t be bothered. They had WoW M1 native on just about day one, but not even a hint of love for anything I actually care about.