We need a native M1 / M1 PRO / MAX - Update

The game is quite old, and native M1 unleashes the power of our systems.
Currently the game runs horrible in 4v4, custom on $3000 dollar machines.

Ive been waiting for awhile for fixes for the poor prefrmance, and i think its about time we all request blizzard do a Metal/M1 native optimization for us.


AGREED. Runs better on a 14 year old Windows box for crying out loud. Pretty sure it’s running under Rosetta translating all OpenGL calls on-the-fly. Metal isn’t new, and at this point neither is the M1, been out for awhile; so could you be so kind as to recompile the damn thing please??


We need more support with this to get blizzards attention.

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I really wish Blizzard would give any of their games any attention at all on the Mac platform, but they just can’t be bothered. They had WoW M1 native on just about day one, but not even a hint of love for anything I actually care about.


just adding to this thread, we need native support on apple silicon.

Replying to thread to say I’m pretty pissed that other blizzard games are not on the mac specifically Diablo 4 and that StarCraft2 runs terribly despite the infrastructure to optimize it for the new silicon chips.

I hope you are listening to the community. We have been waiting for 3 years. If this was a subscription based game it would have been done on day one like WoW.

We are still paying for this game, most are still buying skins and paying for micro transactions. Porting this to work on Apple silicon isn’t hard for devs that have been supporting macOS previously. Yet we can not even get a response from you.

For the love of god, our M1/M2 macs should not be running at 30fps on medium settings. We have to play on low and thats ridiculous and even then the stutters are very prevalent.

Please stop making us run through Rosetta and make SC2 native for Apple Silicon

Keeping the flame alive.
I have a blazing machine and can’t even get audio to function in any Blizzard game.

Did you try to install windows on your m1? Maybe this will help somehow.

I have, I ran it on parallels and on VMWare

Its a little better but not much.
My M2 Max Mac Studio plays it fine, M1 Mini I had with 16GB Memory and 512GB SSD ran it horrible.

If they would at least update the game to use Metal API as well as DX, all Macs it would probably run a whole lot smoother but it is stuck on OpenGL…ancient.

no love, not even a response from Blizzard.


Ijust bought an M3 PRO 16" MBP 36 RAM and 1 TO SSD. It goes down to 40 FPS at MEDIUM resolution (in late game)…
Would getting the base M3 MAX for 500 more euros help me to get more FPS on better resolution ? Or, as this game isn’t optimized for Apple Silicon chips, it would be useless ?


Blizzard abandoned mac support years ago. It’s gonna stay unoptimized and broken with no support.

I know Mystical already let us know that they’ve abandoned mac support. I get why, there’s just not enough mac users to make it worth their while. I’m still hopeful one day a Blizzard employee will read this thread, and run this idea up the corporate ladder to whomever could make this happen!

I know you gotta pay your engineers to optimize it for silicone based macs. I will REBUY the game, sell a mac optimized version to recoup the cost! I’m betting you’ll make your money back and then some!

with microsoft in charge, you are pretty much on your own. your best bet to get the game to run well is to use the best compatibility software available.

They’ve actually tried. It’s the leadership that doesn’t want good mac support, not the hard working devs who still have among them passionate mac enthusiasts . In fact most of the issues on mac side are not hard ones to fix on software side of things. The issue comes from fact that they laid off all their mac dedicated support staff years ago. When you get a blue post now, or a GM ticket, it’s basically PC support cross posting with limited knowledge from a thorough knowledge base that the last mac support staff was tasked with writing to streamline the transition to no mac support.