Ways to counter protoss as zerg

suffering against protoss air units no matter how many corrupts or hydras i build am i just bad

yes, you are that bad. protoss air is easy as can be to kill.

first off the trick is dont let protoss get to air. thats your first mistake. scouting that hes going to air is prob your second. ok so your protoss opponent goes phenix, you make hydra, hydras destroy phenix, now you could go muta which in a straight up fight no macro will destroy phenix, but with the phenix macro they destroy mutas. in order to use muta to kill phenix you have to bring the fight to them, hit there base, that will make them fight the mutas instead of potshoting like they do outside there base, you will destroy them doing this. but make sure you aint just killing buildings in that fight, kill pylons not building then kill workers so they cant rebuild, or workers then pylons your choice.

if they go void, hydras and mutas destroy voids, especially if you target fire the voids instead of just amoveing them. if its phenix void then stay with straight hydra and use infestors with fungal to slow them down and do extra damage.

tempest, are destroyed but mutas and corrupters, both can catch tempest as tempest is much slower. hydras will kill them but its air and they can go where hydras cant so muta corruptor is best.

carriers, again simply make corruptors and target fire, if there are too many cause you didnt scout and prepare, get some vipers and abduct them one at a time till you can take the fight.

thanks for the tip dude