Warcraft 3 Data Is Still Broken

If I use the Warcraft Classic System dependency? There’s no sound for any units and no music. And if I use the Warcraft 3 Data Mod from Battle.net? there are no portraits and the UI is locked to Human (or night elf, if you select a Starcraft race).

I’m not having problems with these dependencies. did you save, exit from the launcher, then reopen and load to ensure everything loaded?

Doesn’t work. The thing is, it DOES work on my desktop (using the same dependency), but doesn’t work on my laptop for some reason

EDIT: Okay, I have an explanation. Apparently, the Data editor has a limit on the number of sounds that can exist, so it cuts whatever sounds load last (which is usually from Warcraft). So if I load the Warcraft dependency first, then load the starcraft 2 data, it will cut a lot of the campaign starcraft 2 sounds instead of cutting all the warcraft 3 sounds. I didn’t know the data editor had hard limits.