Void Corruption

I like to think (and I’m pretty sure it’s how to Starcraft tries to present it) that void energy isn’t magic or supernatural, but rather “something natural with its own laws of physics” from the void dimension that we humans haven’t learned about yet. So I wonder what exactly entails the corruption of the void. Nerezim void stuff typically glow green whereas Tal’Darim and Amon’s forces and territory glow red. Makes me wonder what’s different about this “corrupted” red void energy and the green, and what’s advantageous or disadvantageous about it.

That’s what it is supposed to be if we remove fairy tale aspect of SC2 story.

Also, it feels quite simple: Red void is void with hatred while green one is peace (imo).

You guys want to join Bifrost’s discord channel?

We’re secretly trying to burn this place to the ground.

Wolf I think you’d fit in well.

That probably explains the redness of Dark Archons too. “Thoughts in chaos!”

Wolf would totally. We interacted in the past.

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