Void Campaign Dependency issue

Hi! The issue I’m having with the Void Campaign Dependency is that it alters the Armory (in the Test phase), and some of the upgrades are missing. For example, it only has the upgrade for vehicle and ship plating, and the one for ship weapons. The one for vehicle weapons is gone, and there is only upgrade level 2 for ship weapons, when it doesn’t show level 1 in the first place.

I’m sure this has to do with the Void Dependency, because when I remove it, the issue goes away. Has anyone else had this problem?

No it’s because the Campaign dependencies are left there as an “approximate stack of data” (I dislike messy organisations). The data in them is messy and is missing many things that are simply not configured. It’s not very handy for new comers. What you are looking for (If I guessed you right) is multi-void dependency, but with campaign data in it. There’s possibility of having that, but you need the ALFX method.

Also, one who knows how to mod can also simply use the multi dependency and add anything he needs from the campaign, but I do not recommand it if you don’t have some years of modding experience.

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