Voice chat turned off but SC2 uses microphone

I have the voice chat options disabled but SC2 still interacts with my headset’s microphone.

My headset is a Senheiser BTNC 4.5 which has noise cancelling and it struggles as acting as both a computer headset and microphone. While this is not related to you specifically I don’t have an issue if I set my Windows sound to use the headset and use a different microphone however every time I launch SC2 I have no sound because SC2 uses the mic from my headset even though i unchecked voice chat.

This is corrected as soon as I click on the voice chat menu. It detects my settings without me changing anything an I regain volume in my headset.

The issue here is that SC2 seems to be interacting with my headset’s microphone at launch without checking my voice chat settings. This is not an issue in other blizzard games where the windows microphone settings are respected.

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I have the same issue - cant listen to the music and play sc2 - headsets - Dre Beats Solo3 Wireless. sc2 dev is dead.

Still an issue over a year later - can’t listen to music on Bluetooth headphones/speaker and play SC2 at the same time… pretty pathetic that it hasn’t been fixed.

Even with in-game settings disabled, each time I run SC2 I have to disable the headset/mic hardware, disable application microphone access, etc in windows, which I then have to re-enable each time afterwards. Such a pain because then apps like discord get upset by hardware profile changes, mix-up my settings and I need to then recalibrate my hardware profiles for them too.

All I want to do is casually listen to tunes and play SC2 at the same time but it’s too much hassle so I’ve just stopped playing SC2 entirely. Shame that Blizzard haven’t addressed this issue after so long (and this isn’t the only thread about it).