Vikings thors against tempests storm

is there ever a situation where you would use vikings/thors against tempests on the air and immortal/archon/ht storms on the ground? is literally 20+ghosts the only way to handle this?

I think that yes, especially on smaller map like neohumanity. You would need to have 10-15 viking on the front, flying in a distance from your Thors. This would force his tempests to back off and they will not be able to micro free trades against your Thors. And Thors are really good against archons and Ht. Because Ht relies on splash damage while thor is a literall walking command Center. Immortals are decent for protoss, but with the lack of stalkers, his tempests will infinitely choke against vikings. Honestly you can even mix in a couple banshees only to kill immortals, especially that it’s a quick unit.