View Options Grayed Out

I have had this happen to me once before. I hit some combination of keys and a majority of my view options grey out. Last time I eventually figured it out. This time I can’t for the life of me turn them back on! It is very helpful to find and move doodads!

  • Show layer
  • Show names
  • show Helper Models
  • Show background
  • show grid
  • show placement grid
  • show pathing
  • show terrain
  • show vision
  • enable object sounds
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I just fiddled around with making a custom map once again, and had to delete the dang doodad trees placed in the (formerly) off the playing field areas, and that had me running into some problems, when I went and changed the layer from (all) to specific things (doodads) and then forgot to go back and return it to (all) so that I could then use it to remove unwanted things, like misplaced resources.

Is there a discord for players to use, so screen sharing, voice, and stuff can be used? It would greatly help me in my problems with the editor, to be able to go into a discord voice channel, share screen, and start problem solving, with folks being able to see exactly what my own mouse is doing, so they can guide me doing the things I want to do.

Is this something that already exists?

There’s the SC2Mapster Discord, and Starcraft Beyond Modding, if that helps any. I don’t know of any others.