ViBE's Zerg B2GM vs BC rush?

All, I’ve been really struggling with ZvT match-ups, particularly against BC openers. I lose 9 out of 10 of them.

I’ve been following ViBE’s B2GM series since last year and they helped me move from bronze to low gold after 50 or so games. I generally have a fairly high win rate against macro players. But early rushes, and especially air are almost always a death sentence.

If any of you follow ViBE, he teaches a solid macro style with limited scouting/ no micro in early leagues. I.e. until low plat you only send your overloard, and if you see no natural - build a spine, otherwise build a 3rd. Then you saturate the natural, build 4 queens in total and build 8 safety roaches. That’s it. Continue macroing after. All that is cool and dandy until I get 2 BCs in my base at around 6 minutes. My 4 queens are fried one by one without micro (dang, even with my micro, which sucks anyway), my drones scatter in panic, those few that are still alive that is, and my roaches shiver helplessly in fear waiting for the inevitable.

I guess my main question is what the …? And also - I don’t question ViBE’s strategy at all, I’m nearly convinced macro is the way to go, but can anybody explain this low-gold noob how I am supposed to defend against 2 BCs with limited scouting, 4 queens, and 8 roaches? In other words, I’m just trying to fill the missing piece in my head between ViBE’s mostly ground early defense strategy and BC/Void one-basing.

Much obliged for any tips!

Keep making queens and drop a hydra den.

Send the 8 roaches across the map to their base (they are no good in your base). 2 BCs in 6 minutes means they most likely won’t have much else so there is a good chance you could just win the game or severely cripple them.

Keep sending the queens to the BCs and making drones. When the den is done, make hydras and queens. If they pull the BCs back home to kill the roaches that gives you more time to get some hydras out for when they come back.

Thanks man. Should I build spores just to be safe if I see T or P with no expansion at, say, a 4 min mark? I know the obvious answer here is I should be scouting better, but I always lose my overloard if I try sneaking into the main.

Thanks again


I am a GM Zerg. Please note I do not know exactly what build order you’re talking about because I don’t watch Vibes B2GM; however, I’ve watched enough of Vibes streams to understand the general point that he’s trying to get through. The whole point of Vibes B2GM is to get lower level players out of the mindset that they need to be consistently looking at their army and utilizing micro because 9 times out of 10 the lower level player cannot micro and macro at the same time like high level players can. You can win in lower leagues by doing two things.

  • Making workers/saturating bases
    *Making more production facilities and making units

That is it. If you do those two things and max out way before your opponent and then F2 across the map you will win every time. It sounds like you’re building 4 queens and then stopping. If I were you and your overlord sees no natural there’s really no reason to ever stop building queens; however, in a normal macro game you want about 6-10 queens depending on the situation. 2-3 for creep spread and 4 for injecting all of your hatcheries.

The reality of the situation is 4 queens will never beat 2 BC’s. The cost of 2 BC’s is far more than 4 queens and therefore it’s expected that the BC’s will crush that fight. Instead keep building queens, but prioritize drones over queens. If you have idle larvae make them into drones, which mining more will allow you to build more queens. I would also recommend always making a spore in every base once you saturate your two bases and are starting to drone up your third, or do it around 3 minutes 40 seconds. Always have your queens next to a spore and only fight with the support of that spore.

TL’DR: Make more queens. They’re the best defensive unit Zerg has.


Thank you! I tried countering with queens and it worked! And I even defeated a proxy-SG void all in. Amazing! Never thought queens were so powerful against air


bro just scout and if it’s BCs don’t stop making queens and don’t forget your spores. If it’s hitting at 6 minutes then your opponent is terrible.