Versus Map Pool Update - October 12, 2021


Versus map pool will be updated on October 19th PDT with a few brand new maps. New season roll will follow at later date, and we will inform you once the date is confirmed.


  • 2000 Atmospheres LE (Updated)
  • Blackburn LE
  • Beckett Industries LE
  • Berlingrad (New)
  • Curious Minds LE (New)
  • Glittering Ashes LE (New)
  • Hardwire LE (New)
  • Pride of Altaris LE (New)


  • Nightscape LE
  • Emerald City LE
  • Reclamation LE>
  • Fields of Death
  • Rhoskallian LE
  • Heavy Artillery LE
  • Arctic Dream LE


  • Canyon of Tribulation
  • Whitewater Line LE
  • Flashback LE
  • Buried Caverns
  • Realities Simulation LE
  • Black Site 2E
  • Sentinel LE


  • Tuonela LE
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Fortitude LE
  • Shipwrecked LE
  • Tropic Shores
  • Concord LE
  • Nekodrec LE

So happy to see that someone out there is tending the light at the end of this tunnel.


Is 8 maps in the new map pool intended or is that a mistake? The map pool has always been 7 maps.

In what ways will 2000 Atmosphere be updated?


Thats to much for me! I’m out

hummm 8 1v1 maps ?
well I found Pride_of_Altaris, Curious_Minds and Berlingrad on liquidedia but where can we see the others ?

Finally. Thank you. It has been a while

on liquipedia in a few minutes, we are adding stuff atm

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you sure about the 8 maps for 1v1?


thanks blizzard

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Thank you!

but why 8 maps 1v1? is this mistake?

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Thank you !! We waited for so long, this is a great news !

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its been 84 years, but thanks!

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In b4 cry start 20 chars

According to Gemini Beckett Industries shouldn’t still be there. They made the same mistake when announcing the recent Starcraft Remastered season.

Balance changes?? Or a formal announcement they are done with balance so people will adapt to current balance or leave the game; instead of constant griping on the forums.

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AMAZING i was waiting for this!

Hey Cydra,

Any chance of a new balance patch or should we stop hoping for one?


Might want to change the name of Reclamation LE. There was a 2v2 ladder map back in HotS called Reclamation and I’m seeing a little confusion over it.

How does Cydra only have 2 posts?

:smiley: hoping for a balance patch