Use default multiplayer balance with campaign dependencies

My map uses Void (Campaign) dependece but it is a regular 1v1 melee map. In Map Properties I chose Melee/Custom Map and Automaticly Add Multiplayer Data flag. But In game there are wierd campaign units abilities and other data. How do I set multiplayer data in such map?

Map itself:

I don’t need to look at your map actually, this is an old request I’ve sent to Blizzard/Activision, which they have absolutely no actual staff to innovate it: A regular melee map, but with every campaign models and sounds. Back in the time, ALFX was a modder who fixed it and created a method to create such content. I did follow his work.

Unfortunatly, if you want this mod/map, you’ll have to start over from scratch, because setting up this kind of data requires a start from 0. If you need my help on this, contact me (Wonder Rem) on our discord: