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This community sucks… Honestly… so many smurfs. These are people that just don’t care at all about the community of the game. In fact SO MUCH so they are ACTIVELY taking away from it! Not to mention hackers… I know not everyone hacks… but when literally 1/2 my games are vs smurfs I really can’t tell till the end when its too late if they are just reading like a book or straight up cheating ( map hacking).


Not really an unpopular opinion. There is a lot of very toxic people in this game. It was made even worse when the game went free to play.


50%? How lucky.
I once thought if I was sure I would meet enough people that quit early in Versus, I could finally play this mode to farm the portraits and other things.
50% may still be a bit low but it would be a good start.
I haven’t tried again for a while, and maybe I would not play on the same server as you (I would play EU), but I wonder if the situation has “improved” for those that would want just the things that requires absurd amounts of winning.

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I believe that majority of smurfs/hackers maybe terran players. I play terran on EU and i am losing almost every single TvT. I have 60 % tvz winrate and 52 % tvp.

Last season i had 70 % winrate tvt (didn’t know why it was so good) and currently it dropped to 39 %. I am clueless of what is going on on the ladder. Like i said terrans are just wrecking me. Many of them have + 200 apm, dia 1/dia 2 or even master 3 in their career summary and they always manage to beat me. If i go mech they beat me with bio multi prong drops. if i go bio myself, then they kill me with some weird 1 base/2 base timing pushes.

TvT is the reason why i can’t get out of dia 3.

More people are playing right now. Whenever the IEM Katowice comes along it brings back old players and some new players. You’re definitely going to feel that in the ladder. Not only that but there was a balance change which definitely changes things a bit even if you’re talking mirror matchups! Got to get used to the new changes.

I can’t say for smurfs etc but I wish you the best and know that not everyone is a smurf (you can usually tell if they left a lot of games at 0:00 time a lot but sometimes people hate ZvZ or mirror matchups or zerg or whatever, and they might not be a smurf but just someone who always leaves when they play vs. Zerg or whatever race they dislike playing against.) — If they leave often at 0:00 regardless of the matchup, then they’re most likely a smurf.

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TvT has been my best mu but thanks to the years of terran disappearing from tournaments 2018-2020 or 2021 and ladder being crap for them, I became a spectator so I cannot say how it is now. Im all rusty but during those years was like 70% TvT they were my free wins when my TvZ was 50-55% and TvP was like 40%

There is clearly something strange going on on EU ladder.
EU and NA for majority of time have been the most populated SC2 servers. Now on EU all of a sudden population has dropped to barely 25 k (source RankedFtw)

  • on old map pool i had TvT 70 % winrate, though i did not know why (i dont really understand this mu), now my winrate dropped to 35 %. I am losing every single TvT, no matter why i do. If i play bio i lose to mech, if i play mech i lose to multi-prong bio drops, if i go mass bc they have vikings + ravens etc. Also for the first time i believe i may be matched against maphackers because i proxy raxed him and he sent two workers to my proxy location without any vision. Also in another game guy scanned the moment when my CC flew from my main to 4th, scanned exactly the moment when i unsieged tanks etc. Many terrans are on barcode being 200 -300 APM with just bunch of games in career total. This indicates that there is some crazy sh1t going on on the ladder which discourages people from playing. Maybe im delusional but clearly something bad is happening right now.

Good opinion, I also made a thread about toxic community.

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I think it’s because of a few variables.

  1. It’s a Blizzard game. For some reason Blizzard games tend to attract more toxic people. It’s not just sc2. I think the exception is WoW and that may be because it has a huge PvE element to it. PvP + Blizzard = toxic. Especially in team games where their match making completely falls apart and fosters toxicity.

  2. F2P means more people can bypass potential bans for unsavory behavior. Makes it a perpetual game of whack-a-mole when dealing with nasties.

  3. Returning players after a long hiatus are going to have a distinct advantage over newer players with both knowledge and mechanics but because they rarely play the MMR system doesn’t have time to put them in their proper MMR bracket. So it looks like they’re smurfing when in reality they’re just inactive enough to screw up the MMR system.

Combine all 3 variables and you’re going to end up with a pretty salty and toxic community in general.

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You’ve never played Dota? It’s 20x worse over there. I think it’s due to how the games are designed. When you die in Dota, due too the ganking nature you can so easily blame it on your allies, and you have a whole minute of nothing to do till you revive - a whole minute to insult your teammates.

And let’s face it, SC2 is extremely punishing. You look away for a second and your whole mineralline gets blown up by 2-3 units, or 30 army supply explode to some skillshot.

Not strategically placed Banelings, that are only useful vs bio. 3 Banelings rolling into the mineral line destroying 20 workers. Randomly placed WMs that onehit units 3x their value. Disruptorshots that kill 30 army supply because you looked away at the wrong moment. Single Liberators wiping a mineralline because you didn’t hear the notification. Voids or stimmed Marines erasing a base in 1.5s.

Of course that’s frustrating.

I hate what the balance team did to the game with Legacy of the Void, I barely played since it released and when I did I never had fun. During Heart of the Swarm times though I also remember getting insulted after 50% of my games, or 100% of games I won. Nearly made me stop playing, too.

But I’ve never seen any game community that isn’t toxic. People don’t support each other, don’t listen to each other, don’t defend each other against bullies. Instead they tell others to “just ignore” the personal attacks, but you know what? Ignoring is tolerating. Bad behavior is being tolerated, and afterwards everybody feels unfomfortable. Well, who would have known!


I won’t play Dota, I’ve played LoL though and that sometimes gets super bad. I get that there’s worse out there but Blizzard games tend to attract a super toxic subsect. Not sure what it is. Overwatch 2 is insane for it, HotS is bad too. Only time it’s not a huge issue is in their PvE modes…which I guess indicates their match making for competitive modes maybe sucky? Dunno, shower thought there.

Yeah sc2 has a nasty problem with too much burst damage, personally I don’t bring out the imba splash damage until late game because wins with it early feel cheap and lame. Plus you don’t have to, usually, unless it’s vs Zerg due to the dumb remax mechanic. At least at a Dia level of play.

I agree and this is why i like this game toxicity is my fuel.

it’s just like school you don’t pick on bigger but smaller kid

i hate people this is why i play this game i want you to give me your best and still fail
and know that your best is worse than mine!

Unpopular opinion? You literally trow an empirical truth.

WoW is not really an exception.

I am a fresh gold league player. And I have never had a feeling that i’m playing against a smurf or a cheater. Although after using battle.net app and going through discussion, I can see a lot of discrecpectfull and offensive comments, that should be banned in my opinion.
Once i won in TvT and my opponent wrote “wp, smurf however” and i just started playing ladder 3 weeks before that game. So maybe you’re misjudging sometimes. But there definitely are many toxic players in starcraft community.