Unit thoughts, banshee and reaper

So banshee as a unit just feels very out of place in sc2. I know no one likes the idea of dead or underwhelming units in games.

with just the way armies move and attack, small groups of relatively expensive units that cannot be versatile against both air and ground seem to just die far too easy in a death ball scenario.

meta gaming aside.

now I think it is great and all that people can bind giant groups of units to a key, but that in and of itself tends to take away from the mid range level of skill. gameplay where you either have the game mastered and micro a ton or just cap supply and throw that ball of units around.

originally they had splash damage and for obvious reasons that seems kind of silly broken but at the same time when that got removed they didn’t really seem to get anything to pick up the slack since they have a modestly steep cost to produce considering how easy they die.

that being said game pace makes repair most of the time impossible or what seems like wasted actions. how often are people even repairing units when they can just mass out new ones.

its not really that I think they are completely useless however almost always when banshees see combat they take so much more work then they seem to give back as a unit.

same kind of goes for reapers. both are units that in large groups are just kind of meh. which generally due to game pace is kind of how things are used.

I’d kind of like to see something that gives reapers and banshees more useful behavior. mostly banshees. their damage seems fine, so if a change was made to them it would have to be utility based or hp.

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I’m P1. Just because you don’t see something much doesn’t mean it’s out of place.

Against protoss one of my favorite builds is to get a hit squad of 6-8 speed banshee’s while I max out on 3 bases. If your macro is solid it let’s you be active on the map, while still gong mech, a traditionally slow build. They take a bit of babysitting, but you can absolutely dominate the map, and when paired with a hellbat or two you can have incredible scouting. When your mech army moves, push into their main with your banshee’s. It pulls the army home, and let’s your break their front.

Alternatively, siege up outside of their latest expansion to pull the army into a defensive posture, and then hit another base with the banshee’s.

Banshee’s have great DPS, and with their range, and ability to stack, they can even beat superior resource cost if well micro’d. They’re a great 1-2 punch in mid high level play, even if you don’t see it much in pro play.

I conditionally agree with you on the repair point, but again, just because you don’t see it in pro play much doesn’t mean it’s not good. Build up 4 OC’s drop mules, and set them to auto repair in your siege line. You’re not using the minerals anyway if you go mech.

When you harass with banshee or raven, have an SCV set to auto repair in a fall back position. When you’re facing early game pressure, make sure to keep things repaired.

I was recently matched against a masters player who opened with a DT rush into a 2 base all in. I won because I repaired my mech’s, had good map vision, and had one, very very useful banshee.

25 kills on a hero cloak banshee.

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Banshee is really import for TvZ for defense and counterattack vs roach/rav builds.

Banshee is a harassment and defense unit (like the reaper). Not everything needs to be good pound-for-pound in a head-on engagement, many units in fact aren’t.