Ultrawide Issue with 2k resolution


following issue bothers me for some time. I have an 34" ultrawide monitor, but thats just part of it.
I am playing with blackbars on the side, but that does not bother me, what bothers me is that i can only set it to Full-HD 1920x1080. Befor that i had an 2k 27" monitor where i had the option to play on 2560 x 1440. Is this an issue because I use the programm flawless widescreen? Because playing it on Full-HD really looks like crab.

Without the programm I can set it to my nativ 34" resolution, but that does not work obviously because of the lack of support for utrawide.

Does anybody has the same issue or does a way to fix it?


There is no way to fix it. A few years back Blizzard patched SC2 to block all resolution override hooks.

you can still have higher resolution than 1080p. you just have to force the higher resolution. if your monitor is locked to 1080 p and below you need to enable the force higher resulution through the graphics card options. Im not sure what nvidia’s is called but on amds is the virtual super resolution needs to be enabled. this will unlock the higher resolutions after you up your displays to higher. after thats done sc2 will show the higher res. options available. However in your case with the ultra wide im pretty sure that sc2 just doesnt have ultrawide support, so you might be a bit screwed on that.

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