Ultralisk and how to use them

does anyone have any replays of players having success with ultra? i lose every time i try to use them

It’s simple. Don’t use them


Use them only vs Zerg, they kill everything. Lurkers might be a problem if positioned well, in that case mix in some vipers with blinding cloud.

Against Terran, make them only when you already won, just to see them.

Vs Protoss you can make them if they go SkyToss + Archon, HT, but be careful because they can counter them very hard and they are not good to kill bases, lurkers or broodlords are much better at that

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The only time, you can build ultras, is if the other guy is extremely far behind and you just want to finish the game fast.


I think you can get away with using Ultras if your a low rank, like me, a wimpy Gold 3, but don’t ask me for Plat and Dia advice. Ultras deal cleave, so they are a viable replacement for Banelings in ZvT, if the terran is idiot enough to stick with 4M in the lategame (Surprisingly, it’s quite common at Gold). But seriously, if your looking for real advice, listen to these smart bois.

Ultras are a heavy assault melee unit with better than average damage but more importantly high health and armor values. Down side is they are melee and still kinda slow even after speed upgrades. For them to be effective they require 3 conditions to be met.

1st – They need to tank multiple small hits. Pitting them against units that specialize in high, single target damage does nothing, even with their health pool, because their armor is meaningless. Only a few hits and they’re done.
2nd – They need to make contact. Since they are slower than most things that deal small, fast hits, the battlefield needs to be such that the opponents army cannot kite away or retreat. This can be a flank, a wall at their back, or into a critical position they can’t afford to lose and therefore force a direct engagement (mining bases, production, tech, etc.) Anything at your home base or in the open field is not ideal for ultras. This is why most people make them when they are already ahead significantly (the opponent is usually stuck home with little to no options other than defend and mine).
3rd – They have a massive footprint and need enough space to move around the rest of your army. This means having no more than a few ultras in any given army group/attack angle. Otherwise they prevent your army from engaging properly and become a liability. Alternatively, you can mass only ultra so you don’t have to worry about this dynamic, but that’s incredibly expensive and is really just meming from having that much extra cash.

It’s difficult to achieve all 3 of these conditions in an evenly matched game, but like it’s been pointed out, they are a good unit for finishing an opponent who is behind or is otherwise having difficulty moving out aggressively or between bases given ultras can pack quite a punch once they connect with something.

Watch replay of dark serral reynor

They all use in ZvT to success whether its defense or double nydus etc

:bug: :bug: long live the swarm :bug: :bug:

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Also has resurgence in ZvP to bop the little things they got below their sky meme


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