Tychus vs Fatal Attraction

Playing on Brutal+, this has got to be the most annoying mutator for Tychus. I’d rather have Double Edged or Diffusion - at least I can still control my units instead of being perma-stunned 90% of the game.

So what is the best outlaw/prestige build if you have to play it? I prefer to use P0 and P1. And my usual build is Tychus -> Sirius -> Nikara. Then either Vega or Nux depending on what composition the enemy is.

P.S. Please no “just git gud” comments.

its pretty much the most annoying mutator for any commander everyone hates it. For Tychus I usually just try to get the ultimate upgrade for Sirius as fast as possible then turrent the rest of the game. If that’s not enough I might get Nux or Vega.

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Nikara and Rattlesnake are really helpful with this mutation since both of them have some ability to AOE heal in between grabs, just have to be fast and drop the healing when you know you’re about to start killing things.

Sirius is also a no brainer for this mutation since his turrets don’t get dragged. (Or at least I don’t think they do)

In general I find with Tychus that Rattlesnake, Sirius and Reaper are almost always must haves. I alternate my fifth outlaw depending what I’m facing.

With Fatal Attraction I can see some merit to bringing another tanky Outlaw, and some additional healing but there’s more than one way to go about it.

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Welcome to mutators, where you’ll pull out your hair in no time!

No real good ones but the turret man does help.

Some (no most) mutators really are just bad by design. And apparently that’s how they wanted it since mutation was introduced.

I’ve also heard if you’re doing just B+, there’s rarely any good combos that present challenge. If you move to b4-6, then the combinations gets better due to how they rate them. Not that fatal attraction will be less annoying but perhaps less frequent.

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Yeah, turrets are buildings and not affected by Fatal Attraction, so Sirius is the way to go.
Also, dropping Rattlesnake healing totem and Nux psi storm before fight starts is a good idea, it will keep healing you/damaging enemies even while you are stunned.

I will say that Fatal Attraction is my favourite for Zagara. I just send in banes and watch them melt the enemy.