TvZ army composition questions


I played SC2 a lot when it came out but hardly played it since the 1st expansion came out. I started trying to get back into it last week and am still playing every race to decide if I want to focus on 1 in particular (I used to play Zerg the most, Protoss some but didn’t play Terran much and always was much weaker with them).

I’m still quite weak with Terran (I haven’t done ranked games yet but according to the enemies I play against in unmatched, I think my Terran would be somewhere around Plat 2).

I played against a Zerg earlier and I love Liberators so I went Marines+Medivacs+Liberators. I had 2 starports (one with a reactor, 1 with a tech lab) and 5 barracks (4 with reactors, 1 with tech lab). I’m pretty sure I also was slightly ahead on upgrades. Despite trying to micro with stim, my marines got wiped by banelings (zerglings+banes+hydras that he originally went for if I remember well). I’m guessing tanks or widow mines are a must vs this since liberators can’t AOE the banelings down.

I transitioned into mass BCs with a bit of marines as backup with the surviving damaged medivacs and 2 ravens. He added corruptors and some broodlords. I managed to win 1 fight with maybe about a dozen upgraded BCs that survived. I tactical jumped into his main, sniped the greater spire + regular spire there and before I could start sniping the hydra den, I got flooded with corruptors (I’m guessing he remaxed on those) and the BCs didn’t stand a chance.

I tried remaking some BCs + marines + my 2 ravens and a few medivacs. I lost hard against the mass corruptors + a few broodlords and zerglings despite using raven anti-armor on the corruptor pack.

I know I’m a bad Terran player and there are many things I should have done (tanks or mines early game with my marines and harassment to try to slow down his economy for instance). However, my questions is if there’s a good unit composition to deal with lots of corruptors + broodlords and zerglings/hydras late game. I expected the fully upgraded BCs to do better than that (with raven support) as when I play Protoss and get lots of Carriers with a few VRs/archons, it’s very hard for Zerg to stop it and mass corruptors+hydras doesn’t normally work against it.

Was I doomed the second I lost my BC flock? Should I have had more barracks to try to hard macro back into bio right after it (I think I had 7 barracks at this point)? Should I have made Thors to try to counter the air or do Liberators in anti-air mode with raven anti-armor missile manage to counter the corruptors? I did have a few liberators and vikings on that last fight but they didn’t pull it off at all.

The thing about the mass corruptors is I could normally ignore them and just try to rebuild a decent ground army fast while they can only attack air but the fact that they can morph into broodlords which counters pretty much all of the Terran ground units made me hesitate.

Never do that with BCs again, that is a stupid move. Think twice before tactical jumping somewhere. Better approach is to use TJ as “get out of here”. So you fly in, destroy what you can, yamato corruptors and TJ on your turrets, repair.
Giving away your fleet for greater spire is not what you want. Also, it is better to attach replay instead of exhausting description.

Generally, you always want to have TJ ready when you are deep in zerg’s base.

In general don’t jump into blind areas. Also splash is king. Finally the way to beat corrupter and brood lord is vikings and thors.

Holy Necro Batman…

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I recommend going mech if you are a new player. When i coached my friend in sc2, we started with mech. Also i think battlecruiser hellbat build versus zergs are very strong at your level. You blink the battlecruiser over, and just control the hellbats. If you have a second, put down some factories at home and get siege tanks and thors.

Marauders eat tons of banelings, ghosts can snipe broods and corruptors. Only build 1-2 battleships. While battleships CAN work its not likely. Want to be hyper annoying? Do 2-1-1, and just keep up the pressure. Bio is much stronger than mech. Try and snipe bases and don’t over commit, scan before walking onto creep and rebuild scvs that die.