TvT Platinum lib

How do you guys get around the boring Liberator/tank/bio combo? i feel like its so predictable yet I cant really stop it unless i do the exact same thing which i hate

Put some widow mines in front of your tanks to protect from liberators, also put some around the map for map vision and to do some damage to his bio here and there when they walk by. Also Vikings are a great answer to liberators considering they outrange them tremendously

That’s the pen ultimate positional game. Sometimes full bio with good map vision can be a counter as well, however you will still need to transition into maybe bc tank. Personally I think BC tank is the ultimate late game combo.

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You don’t. The standard composition is marine tank viking with early/mid game ravens. You can’t get around it. The late game is BC viking tank. Sometimes you will see thors to take down liberators.

But yeah. You have to do the exact same thing. Welcome to standard TvT

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Liberators don’t work without air dominance. It’s possible your opponent is getting air dominance with a three CC all Viking and tank first, or by doing significant economic damage in some earlier attack or harassment, but only if you’re not exploiting the standard early-mid bio tank Viking with raven.

TvT motivates each side to attempt to leapfrog the other in tech. If both sides are playing optimally an equilibrium is reached, they both land in bio tank with early-mid raven(because lockdown will remove small numbers of key units to kneecap opponent compositions that are not balanced, or turret will compensate for army count or harassment), then transition into bio tank BC and 1-2 raven (specifically because BCs don’t need air superiority to be efficient while also maintaining mobility and significantly adding to ground firepower), where the winner has some combination of micro, positional play, macro, etc. that is superior.

Liberators are very hard to use against a Terran playing a standard way- between Viking range, stim marines, building a turret, raven, yamato, and the liberator user simply putting gas and starport time invested; libs struggle.