Trying to get to platinum part 2

After 3 years of trying to maco my way out of gold, I have made pretty much no progress aside from lucky win streaks that were followed by bigger losing streaks. Please help. It’s very depressing to hear people make it to masters within months playing this game while I’m stuck 2 leagues behind people who say all they did was macro to get out of where I am.
Some replays (take off the underscore at the beginning):

Also I have no chance at defending proxies or all ins.

Are you “corsario”? Your APM is 60 after THREE YEARS of playing? Dude, with 60 APM you will get nowhere.

#1 Having better macro only helps you if it makes it into army spending.

#2 Even if you have a bigger army there are some unit interactions that will still kill you: walking into mass tank/lurker/disruptor or ground only units vs air armies.

_ You had a better worker count but your workers were over saturated. Your mineral/vespene balance was messed up too so you float a lot of minerals. You still outmined your opponent but the extra money went mostly into tech/econ. You were still winning by alot until you walked the thors into the tank line. If they turtle with mass tank like that you need air units.

_ same kind of situation. You had a big mining lead, but then spent on a ton of factories then died with more army supply because it was still in production.

If you really want to get better, just rename your ingame nick to “norushpls”, “nocheesepls” or “macropls” or something like that and then post the replays here, if you don’t know what to do.
Also download any replays of platinum and low diamond players and analyze them.
If you try out a few micro trainers as well but only focus 90% on macro ingame, you’ll get better at the game pretty fast.

p.s.: 60 apm sounds like you don’t use hotkeys enough or rapid fire and you’ll want to try to build stuff before you can actually do it.

p.p.s.: As terran you’ll need “anchors”:
bunkers, tanks, liberators, widow mines, a medivac or a combination of those (something you can fall back to and something that you can defend while you attack - yes, you try to defend a position or a unit when you attack)