Trouble choosing character in Login page

So i’m having this kind of problem where i cannot choose my character when log in to to get the dependencies, whenever i try to minimize the top using the mouse the window just “burrow” straight down the taskbar
I couldn’t post link so i’ll leave it in this preforma

Resolution of your monitor is too low to be able to display the window in its entirety. Specifically the bottom part, where dropdown with available characters is displayed.

You can workaround it in two different ways:

  1. Try to blindly focus (by using Tab / Shift-Tab) dropdown with character list, and using arrows select first option. Then change the focus to OK button and confirm by using Enter.
  2. Download - it will allow you to drag the window by clicking anywhere in its area and drag it to the top of the screen, which in turn will allow you to see the bottom part of the window.

The AltDrag works wonder, thanks for the help, may Adun be with you!