Thoughts on Widow Mines in PvT

I’d like to start off by saying that I don’t think that the new widow mines are OP or anything, but I do think that they are oppressive in that they force the protoss player to open a very specific way. (At least for me in diamond league.)

Kind of like in heart of the swarm, the protoss player basically has to open with robo tech in order to get detection out for that 4:30 widowmine drop (unless you’re at a high level of play and can stop the mines from burrowing in the mineral line with gosu micro). Because if the terran is able to burrow a cloaked widowmine at 4:45 in the mineral line, and protoss did not open robo, that’s gg. No early or mid-level player will know exactly when to pull the boys for the next widowmine shot. Given the threat that poses, of course the metagame has shifted to robo openings.

As a Protoss player, I don’t think that the change to the widowmine has affected my win % vs Terran very much, but what it did do was drastically limit my options for how I start a game. I miss being able to open Twilight or Stargate. Of course, nothing has changed after the early game as protoss should pretty much always get a robo eventually. My favorite part about starcraft is how many different ways there are to play the game.

What do yall think? Am I overreacting?

You are correct about Twilight opener but stargate have oracle with new revelation.

So i thing SG opener is ok vs Terran

I still open twilight pvt, the earliest they can have mines there and them be permacloaked is around 4:50. So worst case scenario you just have to wait for an obs as with that build you always made a robo around the 330/4 minute mark anyways.