This game is billybonkers...4v4 ~2700 MMR

http s://drop. sc/replay/25233334

It’s clown shoes from beginning to end.

Pretty much everyone has at least one pro moment followed by massive blunders.

Myself Pro:
I warp in units secretly to their base and kill 1 Terran.
I use dark templar to wipe out the other Terran that’s wiping me out.
I hide for nearly 15 minutes rebuilding after I get destroyed.

Myself stupid:
I cannot decide what to build and change like 50 times.
I let all my probes get killed.

Teammates pro:
Shut down cannon rush.
Completely demolish bio ball with banelings.
For a 2700ish MMR the one dude controls his phoenixes super well.

Teammates con:
Zerg takes the stupidest fight ever with Carriers vs hydra.
Use abduct like a pro while failing to use Parasitic Bomb.
Use blinding cloud in a mass engagement while losing 10 infestors and not fungal-ing.

Enemy pros:
–They bio rush and kill like two of us
–They build a ton of carriers
–They rebuild their teammate’s base
–They literally had the game in hand.

Enemy cons:
–They never scout anything
–They literally could have A-moved and won
–Don’t put their carriers and void rays together